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Writing for the Web

What is the distinction between good and bad web copy? We look at ways of providing great engaging content for your customers that will also signpost your website to the search engines.

What Is SEO?

What is SEO? How does it all work? And just why should you be doing it? Our beginner’s guide will help you to understand what’s what with search engine optimisation.

What Is PPC?

PPC advertising – what is it? Is it worth it? And why should you hire a pay per click management agency? We answer all this and more in our introuduction to PPC.

The Twilight Guide to SEO

Twilight, the teen fantasy saga featuring werewolves and vampires, and SEO, the Internet Marketing discipline to improve search engine rankings: totally unrelated, right? Wrong. Twilight has much to teach us about SEO, if only we’re willing to open our eyes and read between the lines.