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Google Shopping Management

An essential for eCommerce businesses looking to generate even more revenue through targeted advertising.

Customers are ready to buy. Are you ready to sell?

Discover customers who are ready to buy and make more money from your eCommerce site using Shopping Ads & feeds.

Google Shopping is essential for eCommerce websites looking to generate more revenue with a better ROI. Designed specifically to promote individual products, product listings have fast become an integral part of paid advertising for eCommerce retailers.

We’re the agency that understands eCommerce and how to achieve good ROAS. Your dedicated account manager will work with you at every stage of the process, from briefing developers right through to optimising Google Shopping campaigns to get the best results.

Google shopping products

Need more sales? Google Shopping is one of the best ways of increasing revenue for any retailer. Many eCommerce businesses use Google Shopping to maximise product visibility and stay ahead of the competition. With this profitable marketing channel, you can impact consumers at the start of their purchase journey by putting your products in front of them. These high-intent audiences are already looking for what you’re selling.

At Boom, we’ll help you grow your retail business online by building bespoke Shopping campaigns from scratch. We’ll use intelligent machine learning capabilities like smart shopping to maximise results. Our Google Shopping management services will get the best out of the opportunities available to your business.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Shopping Adverts can be found in the Shopping tab on Google Search. Unlike standard Google ads, each shopping ad contains a picture and a price. They work really well for e-Commerce businesses because they show the information about your products that people want to see most, and those who click on them are often very close to making a purchase. Google Shopping puts your products up front and centre – right where they should be.

You can use Shopping campaigns to promote your products and business across networks and increase traffic to your website or local shop, helping you to find better-qualified leads.

An example of a shopping ad

Time to shift some stock with Google Shopping?

Google shopping campaigns: how do we do it?

Boom has been successfully managing Shopping Ad campaigns as part of our PPC services since they were first launched, so you can trust that we’re able to place your products in front of the right people. Our Google shopping specialists deliver valuable creative and commercial thinking that brings your brand closer to your customers online and improves ROI.

Here are a few ways our Google shopping services can help you…

Feed management

A feed is a data source made up of all of the products you want to sell, with as much information about those products as possible. The data source is required by Google Merchant Centre and from this product feed, Shopping Ads will use the information to decide where and how to display your products in search results.

Good data means good traffic. Badly optimised shopping feeds struggle to be found by search engines. At Boom, we know the best ways to create informative and highly-optimised product feeds that will help put your ads in front of the right people.

Campaign Optimisation

Our experts can advise the best Google shopping campaign structures and business models depending on the goals you’d like to set.

We’ll analyse traffic and put negative keywords in place to make sure your ads are shown to the right audience, target your ads so they’re shown in optimal places and do competitor research to ensure that you have the competitive edge.

We regularly review shopping campaigns to look for new opportunities to improve performance, expand campaigns and work on poor-performing elements. This allows us to deliver high performing shopping campaigns.

Bid management

Bid too low and your ads won’t get clicked on. Bid too high and you’ll waste money on irrelevant traffic that doesn’t convert. 

Getting the balance right is absolutely crucial to the success of your Google Shopping campaigns and good ROI. We know how important this is so we use special formulas and machine learning for effective budget management.

We’ll apply bid adjustments for optimal ad positioning, to maximise results from high converting areas, bid efficiently at different times of the day and improve performance across mobile, tablet and computer. With intelligent bidding and data-driven targeting, we’ll maximise your ad spend for a successful Google Shopping campaign.

Detailed reporting

We’re all about maximising performance, and we report on a monthly basis so you can understand exactly what’s been working. We’ll explain what we’ve been doing to fine-tune your campaigns and get results. Our Google shopping agency team will be on hand for any questions along the way, too.

Why choose Boom as your Google shopping agency?

We’re Google Shopping experts who have helped a wide variety of clients to get the best out of this great platform. Our shopping campaign management service focuses on getting the results you need. As an experienced PPC agency, we have a deep understanding of the advanced optimisation techniques needed to succeed.

Supporting our clients in all aspects of digital marketing, our team also boasts a varied and in-depth knowledge of SEO, CRO, content marketing and much more. We’d love to support your Google shopping campaigns, so get in touch to find out more.

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