WordPress Website Development 

The #1 content management system in the world puts you in the driving seat.

Is WordPress good for web development?

Yes! WordPress is one of the most powerful and versatile open-source CMS platforms in existence.

As an open-source project, using WordPress for web development means flaws are remedied quickly, new features are often available, and themes and plugins are regularly updated – ensuring your website will always be futureproof.

If you’re looking for the right team to build a WordPress website or improve an existing one – you’ve found it. With over 100 years of combined experience, we can help our clients get the most out of WordPress.

Wordpress Gutenberg editor
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What is WordPress and how does it work?

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has become the premier web publishing platform. Used by millions around the world as a website “back office”, WordPress is a management system that controls all your images, text, users and features. Today, it powers over 38% of all the websites on the internet – from hobby bloggers to multinational major players, and everything in between.

WordPress offers the right balance of control and design that lets you build a website your users will love and an interface your staff can master with ease. With the Gutenberg visual editor now as standard, it’s simpler than ever for you and your staff to add compelling visual content to your WordPress site – giving you complete control over the direction your take with your content and the messages you want to put out there.

We believe WordPress is the best system for staying in control of your website whilst also delivering amazing experiences to users.

  • We design, develop, manage and enhance WordPress sites every day.
  • From Web Developers to SEO Account Managers, our whole team has WordPress experience.
  • We built our own site on WordPress.

A WordPress website from Boom will give you a head-start over the competition. We develop WordPress sites with SEO in mind from the very beginning – ensuring that search engines will love your new website just as much as you. We also offer expert training and ongoing tech support, giving you complete control and the ability to grow your website with you.

Time for a new WordPress website?

How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

Depending on your needs, building a bespoke WordPress website from the ground up can take anything from 3 months to a year. One of the best things about WordPress is extendibility. As the platform is open-sourced, you can do almost anything on a WordPress site with plugins and themes from a multitude of developers. It’s an enticing idea…

Many amateur WordPress developers fill their sites to the brim with plugins that promise to solve all their problems in one click, but this can leave their customer with a slow website that’s hard to maintain. We understand that the best WordPress sites are lean and mean. Sure, plugins have their place for adding big features – but fast websites need an agency with experience who can pick the best ones, and when needed, write bespoke code that avoids the bloat of one-size-fits-all plugins. Keeping your site fast and reliable.

Our WordPress website builds are:


We keep a cap on plugin bloat and offer image compression technology to keep your site snappy and responsive.


We only develop on top of framework themes that are responsive out of the box, making your site look good across a range of devices.

Easy to edit

Embracing the Gutenberg editor makes it easier than ever for you to add engaging content to your website.

Time for a new website?