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Graphic Design

Don’t just be heard, be seen. Boost your brand with sharp and engaging visuals.

What is graphic design used for?

Graphic design is the use of art techniques and principles to solve a problem or achieve an objective through visuals.

Combining imagery, symbols and text to communicate visually with an audience, good graphic design can convey ideas or concepts in a quick and accessible way – whilst being aesthetically pleasing.

To say the design team at Boom are passionate about what they do is an understatement! But we will never blind you with design jargon or laugh at your ideas – working with designers can sometimes seem a bit daunting, but we want you to be part of the process every step of the way! Our expertise is there to enhance the collaborative process and to help you realise your creative vision.  

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Why is graphic design important in marketing?

Graphic design in marketing is a very important tool. Marketing is all about being seen and getting your message across to the right audience, engaging them and selling an idea. 

Marketers strive to sell a lifestyle where their product or service is integral – and so they need to set the scene. Photography, colour, illustrations and slogans all allude to a particular lifestyle.

Tapping into the ‘mood boards’ of your desired audience means you can produce imagery that speaks to them directly and instantly. Get them hooked before they’ve even seen your product or service. It’s like the saying goes; a picture speaks a thousand words.

The graphic designers at Boom are an integral part of the work we do for many of our clients. We keep our eye on trends and all the latest tools to make sure we’re ahead of the game. We’re not just designers – we have a solid knowledge of marketing principles and this gives us and you, a big advantage.

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What types of graphic design do we offer?

Graphic design covers a broad spectrum of mediums. The more traditional idea of graphic design is where most people’s minds go when you say you’re a graphic designer… “Oh you design leaflets?” or “So, you’re a fashion designer?”. In a way, you are all of these things – whether you work in traditional print or are a fully immersed digital designer, you ultimately design all aspects of life. 

Print Design

Designing for printed materials, such as leaflets, brochures, large format signage, business cards and stationery, posters, the list is endless – basically, anything where the outcome is 2D and tangible.

3D Design

3D design used to refer to the design of real-life objects and architecture, but increasingly is used to help aid graphic pieces. 3D character design is booming and a lot of this design is used solely to market products and services.

Digital Design

This is design solely intended for screens and the internet. Designing graphics for use on websites, illustrated content animations and infographics to accompany articles and blog posts and boost your online presence.

Psst… What’s an Infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of data and useful information designed to be instantly recognisable, easy to understand and shareable.

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UX & UI Design

Speaking of websites – there’s a discipline of design that is honed for designing online systems. UX refers to ‘User Experience Design’ and UI refers to ‘User Interface Design’. So what’s the difference?

User Experience Design

This is usually only referred to within tech circles, but it could be applied to any experience. It is the design of a user’s experience – from the first interactions with a company to customer service. The aim is to make the customer journey pleasant, effortless and intuitive.

Responsive web design

User Interface Design

This is the design of the tools and interfaces that facilitate the User Experience. Every screen on your mobile app or website that you use has been meticulously laid out by a UI designer. Their job is to make interactions with software as intuitive and seamless as possible.

The graphic designers at Boom cover all design bases. With backgrounds in print design and digital expertise – we can design a way to your customer’s heart.

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