Google Analytics

Analytics isn’t just for tracking traffic. Hidden under that dashboard is a wealth of visitor information just waiting to be explored.

Choose a team that’s well-versed in every aspect of Analytics.

Being able to read the data collected in Google Analytics is all well and good, but understanding what it means and how to use it to improve the performance of your site is where the real value lies.

From SEO training to consultancy, reviews to reports and everything in between, we’re happy to mine your data for insights and work with you to make the changes that will help your business.

Whether you want us to take the reins or you’d prefer us to walk you through the process of website analytics, we can help you make smart decisions that will positively affect your bottom line. No matter how much data there is to look at or how many decisions to be made, every company wants to make more money.

A laptop showing Google Analytics

Time to make visitor data work harder for you?

Call Tracking

Online marketing can have an effect on offline sales. With Call Tracking, you can track your ROI effectively by measuring phone call conversions from your digital marketing efforts.


Our method of reporting is clear and concise, making it easy for you to track your ROI, progress and performance.

Set Up & Solutions

Wave goodbye to compromised, corrupt and incorrect data with our analytics set up and consultations services. We can set you up on Google Analytics, Data Studio and more, as well offer guidance on the best routes to take.

Analytics Training

Whether you want to dip your toes into website analytics for the first time, or are keen to explore some of the more advanced features, Boom offer comprehensive training for individuals and teams alike.

Ready to learn more about Google Analytics?