Digital PR

Getting featured on some of the world’s biggest websites, doesn’t happen by chance…

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the process of creating and promoting content to gain exposure online.

Whether that be on newspaper & magazine websites, blogs or social media. Digital PR raises brand awareness, generates traffic to a website and attracts valuable links, helping to bolster your SEO efforts.

If you search Google for “Digital PR”, you will see a definition that mentions press releases. Whilst press releases can have a part to play, a Digital PR agency does much more than just sending some company news to a few journalists.

Digital PR is about creating a story that the media and their readers will engage with. Something that makes people want to click through and read.

That way, there is mutual benefit for the publisher and the marketer. The publisher gets readers’ attention, keeping them on their site longer and increasing their reach through social media sharing, whilst the marketer gets the exposure and links they need to increase traffic and search engine rankings.

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How does Digital PR work?

Our digital PR campaigns start with ideation, the crucial stage of thinking up what types of content and stories will both fit with our client’s business and get media attention.

It could be anything from a statistical piece using the client’s empirical data or our own research, through to creative content using the power of illustration to get attention, or even tools & games for people to interact with – all supported by great copywriting for optimum SEO benefit. It’s this creative thinking that makes or breaks the success of a campaign.

We’ll get client approval for our ideas, then write a brief for the client to approve the detail of the content and our creative team to work from. The visuals and accompanying copy are created, again for client approval, and then the outreach process begins. Our digital PR specialists utilise their broad network of contacts in journalism, blogging and social media to push the content as far and wide as possible. This activity is monitored, followed-up and reported on.

Ideas & Research

We get our idea people to go out and build a list of ideas for digital PR content, then we run them through our content strategy and recommend the ones we think will work best.

You review them and tell us what you’re comfortable with. We’ll build on these ideas with in-depth research – including our own empirical research when necessary – to write a content brief that you can approve before we move to production.


Our creative team work from the brief to design exceptional visuals and write sparkling copy, using their knowledge of the style and format that works best for the target audience – whether it’s mainstream media, specialist B2B websites or social media influencers. The piece is then shared with you for comment and approval.

Spread the Word

Once approved, our digital PR specialists use their extensive contacts in the media to promote your content to as many people as possible. This spans journalists at mainstream media and specialist sites, through to bloggers, hobbyist webmasters and social media influencers. The aim is to get your content and brand featured in as many places on the web as we can, generating brand awareness, traffic and links for your site.

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