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Logo Design & Branding

Bring out the personality and ethos of your company with a little help from our branding experts.

What is branding?

It may seem obvious to some, but branding is much more than just a pretty logo design – although, a good logo is definitely a major part of it. Swap the word ‘branding’ for ‘identity’ and it all makes sense.

Branding is the character and ethos that your company puts out into the world. Logo, colour palette, tone of voice and imagery – whether illustrated or photography – all should work together to create a brand for a company. Your identity should be apparent in everything you do.

The graphic design team here at Boom LOVE getting their teeth into a good bit of branding. Whether you need a brand refresh or an entirely new identity, we relish a creative challenge! 

A draft version of the Boom logo
Boom branding on an iPad and business card

What makes a good business logo?

As design geeks, we see it all the time – a fantastic company that has a great product or service to promote – you pop over to their website and… oh. There staring at you, is the terrible logo that looks like it’s been cobbled together in Microsoft paint by someone’s 7 year old nephew. 

But, we do encounter some beautiful logos, too – but it’s not totally clear who the logo design represents and there is no hint at what the company does, either in name or icon.

It is imperative that the logo works as well as it can as a marketing tool. This is often the first impression of a company, and we know how important first impressions are! 

Ready for a rebrand?

How do we build your brand?

Every brand requires a different approach and at Boom we know just how important it is to get the right result for your business, and, as with most projects, it starts with a little chat, usually over a cuppa…

Chat + Q&A

The process begins with an in depth conversation about your company and the company ethos. We start with a simple questionnaire that we devised, which encourages the client to think about their aspirations, what they want to portray and how they want to stand in comparison to competitors or even iconic global brands.  

Analysis & Drafts

Once we’ve decided on your brand’s goals and aspirations we’ll start to form them into draft ideas, including initial logo ideas, colours, tone of voice along with example mockups and how it might work across the board, both digitally and on paper. We’ll present these ideas to you for your consideration and answer any questions you might have.


Once your team is happy with a proposal, we’ll delve deeper into the process, building your brand assets in high resolution and vector formats and helping you with integration onto your website and other media if necessary. We’ll also provide you with clear brand guidelines so you can happily take the reins and fly high in confidence with your new brand.

Tell your customers who you are

We combine typography and iconography to effortlessly tell your brand story.

Why is good branding important?

A good set of brand guidelines will include everything from how to position logos on marketing materials, right down to fonts and asset styling.

These guidelines should be implemented across print and digital. Consistency is key. Everything must work well together – your marketing materials should be recognisable at a glance.

Think about the big brands you know – you subconsciously recognise fonts and colours as you drive past a billboard or walk down the high street. In the ‘overload of information’ that is the internet, having a brand and a logo design that stands out as recognisable is half the battle won.

A product packet with words on it

Time to update your brand identity?

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