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Paid Social Media Advertising Services

Reach your customers using highly-targeted social media ad campaigns that inspire and deliver results.

Get the results you need with paid ads

Social media advertising allows your business to reach customers in a highly-targeted and cost-effective way.

When you bring paid social media marketing into your digital marketing mix, you can tap into social media users that you might not ordinarily reach. Your potential customers are on social media – Facebook has 2.85 billion active users worldwide and Instagram has 30.6 million users in the UK alone. Paid social media advertising lets you target them directly where they spend their time online, and in an environment where they’re comfortable and used to engaging with brands.

Paid social media advertising allows you to instantly target your audience with laser precision by demographic, interests, lists and behaviours. It offers a distinct advantage over search marketing which is traditionally keyword-based and better suited to the long game. It’s much more targeted than organic social media, helping you to generate brand awareness and reach way beyond your existing customers.

Paid social media advertising allows you to instantly target your audience with laser precision by demographic, interests, lists and behaviours. It offers a distinct advantage over search marketing which is traditionally keyword-based and better suited to the long game.

Your ad campaign can be displayed across multiple social media sites, or you can focus on the social platform of your choice. We can help you make the decisions to support your business goals.

How our social media advertising services can help you

We will work with you to create a paid social media strategy that will generate the results you need – whether that’s brand awareness, lead generation or sales. 

Here at Boom, we have the experience to advise you on the most appropriate social networks, strategies, ad spend and content for your business. With experts graphic designers, content creators and copywriters in our team, we can provide you with unique creative assets, copy and content for your social media campaigns.

As an experienced social media agency, we’ll manage your social media advertising spend effectively to help you target users and build brand awareness.

With social media campaign management from start to finish, you can rest assured that everything is in good hands and fully taken care of – saving you both time and money. If you’d like to learn more about how Boom can help you with social media ads, our team are always on hand for a chat. 

Target by Demographic

You can target social ads using an amazing amount of demographic information including age, location, occupation, and education.     

Target by Interest

Audiences for your paid social ads can be created based on their interests. In terms of Facebook advertising, that includes favourite retailers, hobbies, food & drink and even the type of entertainment your audiences enjoy the most.


Behavioural targeting can be used to advertise to users that have previously made purchases from your website, interacted with your social media platforms or signed up to your email lists. 

Time to start advertising on social media?

Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing brings better ROI when you match the network with your target customers. Using our experience and analysis of your audiences, we’ll be able to offer advice on exactly which social media networks you should be advertising on to maximise the return on your investment.

Examples of Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers highly-targeted advertising solutions and, with over two billion users every month, there’s a good chance the audience you want to reach is on there.

Facebook ad campaigns can be built around a number of objectives that can be tailored to fit your business needs including brand awareness, lead generation and conversions. These are supported by a wide variety of options when it comes to ad formats, from traditional static images to both short and long video ads.

We’ve worked with many types of businesses that have met or exceeded the results they wanted to achieve from Facebook advertising campaigns, from e-commerce to service providers to high street retailers. We can create striking visual assets for your Facebook ads and write engaging copy, as well as provide detailed advice on spend and campaign structure to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Instagram Advertising

Owned by Facebook, Instagram has over one billion active users a month, with 500 million of those active each and every day.

As a highly visual channel, you can interact with customers on Instagram almost instantly. With 90% of Instagram users following at least one business, this is a social advertising channel where engagement with good-quality, relevant ads is high.  

Instagram ads draw on the same vast array of targeting options as Facebook. From photo ads to Instagram stories ads, there are plenty of different ways to creatively reach different internet users. We can help you build effective Instagram ad campaigns that are either standalone or part of a wider social media advertising strategy.

Examples of Instagram Ads

Examples of Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, with over 810 million members.

Advertising on LinkedIn is the ideal place for B2B campaigns. It’s designed to reach decision-makers and influencers, using targeting options such as job title, industry, seniority and company – but that doesn’t mean it should be discounted if your business is B2C. Varied ad formats are available, including sponsored content and messaging directly to your audience’s inboxes. We can help you grow your business and generate leads & conversions by getting great results from LinkedIn Ads.   

Twitter Advertising 

With 396 million global users, Twitter gives you the opportunity to advertise in a fast-moving environment where fresh, fast content and trends dominate the attention of users.

Twitter can be an ideal place to increase brand awareness and engagement, and to also advertise offers and gather leads and click-throughs to your website. Twitter is certainly a value-based platform where your brand will need a strong offering to attract followers and clear calls to action to appeal to customers. With our guidance, we can ensure you run successful Twitter ads that are relevant to your business and your target audience, and that align with the rest of your social media advertising strategy – helping you to achieve your Twitter advertising goals.       

Examples of Twitter Ads

Examples of Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is known as a visual discovery channel, where users go to look for ideas and creative inspiration. With over 444 million people currently on the platform, it’s a treasure trove of visual content that you’ll certainly want to be a part of.

Pinterest is almost unique in terms of social media in that keyword targeting has real strength. As users often search for content where the intent is purchase-oriented, for the right business and content, ROI on ads can be high. Pinterest advertising also offers interest-based targeting and a number of options when it comes to ad formats, including shopping.  

Retail, clothing, food and beauty-based brands have all achieved great results with Pinterest ads. Give us a call if you want to make Pinterest part of your paid media strategy.

Why choose Boom for your paid social media services?

Your paid social media campaign is in safe hands with our experienced team. We’ve worked on a wide variety of social ad campaigns over a number of years, getting great results for our clients. We love thinking creatively and finding a paid social advertising solution that’s just right for you.

Unlike specific social media marketing agencies, we have a whole host of experience across the digital landscape. As digital marketing experts, we can combine our paid social media services with other, related online marketing services like Google ads management, social media management and other paid media.

We’d love to work with you on your social media advertising, we just know there’s a successful campaign with your name on it! Why not give us a call to discuss your social media ads today?

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