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Social Media Audits

Identify what works for you in terms of approach, content and channels.

Choose the right approach to social media marketing.

Social media marketing is an essential part of many brands marketing strategies, but how do you know what social media is actually doing for your business?

A social media audit from Boom can help you understand how effective your investment in social media marketing is by assessing your existing social media channels, audiences and engagement. We’ll look at your competitors and examine how you stack up with them in terms of reach, content and social media presence.   

Following a social media audit from Boom, you will have a clear path to a successful social media strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. 

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Time to give your business a social media boost?

Why are social media audits important?

A social media audit is essential to evaluate your business’s social media performance & strategies. By finding out what’s working and what isn’t, we can identify the opportunities social media presents for your business and plan for success.

Profile & Strategy Analysis

With your business goals in mind, we’ll take a deep dive into your current profiles and look at your performance to show you which social media platforms, content and engagement strategy will pay dividends.

Assessing Your Audiences

Our social media audit service will tell you if your social media activity is reaching the right target audience for your business. Whilst likes, shares and comments can be valid KPIs, the value of social can be seen in advocacy from customers, giving your brand credibility and increasing your impact online.

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Content Analysis

If your social media content is not relevant and engaging your customers, its reach and visibility will be limited. Publishing low-quality or inappropriate content on your social media networks will have a negative effect on your brand. We can show you if your social media posts are effective, and guide your social strategy.

Community Management and Engagement

We’ll assess how you’re currently engaging and managing your audiences online and make recommendations on how those relationships can be built and improved.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll carry out industry research to examine your competitors and show you how you can both learn from their successes and outperform them using social media.

Online Reputation

Not every conversation about your business is happening on your own social media platforms. That’s why we will look at the perception of your business online with social listening, analysing brand mentions across social media, blogs and forums.

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Analysis of Paid Social Media Spend

Social media advertising is both a cost-effective and highly targeted way to connect with your audiences. Our audit will identify if paid social media will benefit your brand in terms of increasing brand awareness, customer engagement and lead generation. If your business is already using social advertising we will analyse your current budget to see if your ROI could be improved.

Why Use a Social Media Consulting Company?

A social media consultant can help you with everything from what to post, where, and when to share it. They will make sure your social media marketing strategy is successfully implemented and help you to monitor the results of your marketing efforts. 

Social media consulting services are really valuable if you’re working on a growth strategy, or just want to make sure your social presence is tip top. We can offer expert advice to help you get the most from your social accounts, attract new business and increase customer loyalty. 

After your audit, our social media consultants can give you the support you need to implement recommendations. You can sign up for a social media management service or manage things with your own, in house social media team.  

As a social media consulting firm based in Nottingham, we have extensive experience in advising both large and small businesses. Let’s talk about how we can help you reach your social media goals. 

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