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Shopify SEO Services

Build your online presence with better Shopify optimisation.

Drive organic traffic to your Shopify website

According to Shopify, there are millions of companies in 175 different countries using Shopify sites. As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms with over 20% of the UK’s market share, it’s a solid choice for starting or developing an online business.

Many business owners set up a Shopify store before considering their performance in search engines. Sometimes, the landscape changes and search engine optimization becomes even more crucial to achieving your business goals. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your business, Shopify SEO services can give you a competitive edge. 

This powerful eCommerce platform gives you the tools to build an online store, but a Shopify SEO campaign can get you seen in the search results, bringing you more traffic and more sales.

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Is Shopify good for SEO?

There are some features built into Shopify that can’t be customised. This can cause some SEO challenges for certain businesses, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve great organic rankings using a Shopify site. You just have to know how to do it.

Getting any new eCommerce website off the starting blocks and onto the search engine results pages needs plenty of hard work. You’ll need to understand eCommerce SEO and google analytics data to master organic search success. That’s where a great Shopify SEO agency comes in. You can focus on running your eCommerce business and benefit from a team of experts who know what it takes to get SEO results.

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Ready to drive more organic traffic to your Shopify store?

Our Shopify SEO services

The right SEO campaign can maximise your online traffic and eCommerce sales. Our Shopify SEO strategies tend to use the following tactics and services to improve your search engine presence.

Technical SEO

A technical SEO audit identifies issues that could be harming your search performance. Shopify’s restricted URL structure, limited robots.txt and automatic creation of duplicate content are high on the list of SEO issues. With a thorough technical SEO assessment, we can make sure your eCommerce store is as SEO friendly as possible. Whether it’s site structure or URLs, our SEO specialists can work with you to overcome technical hurdles.

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Keyword Research

We go beyond basic search volume to find the keywords that can shape your SEO strategy. Our SEO team also consider NLP and entity relationships to help create a thorough basis for search engine optimisation success.

On-page SEO

On-page optimisation is vital if you want to get higher rankings for your category and product pages. We can optimise your category copy and product descriptions to get the best results. From title tags to meta descriptions, schema markup, headers, copy and structure, we’ll help you rank higher with strategically optimised pages. 

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Link Building

All eCommerce businesses need high-quality backlinks to boost their SEO efforts. We are passionate about getting the links that matter for your site, and building trust through time, effort and expertise. 

Related Digital Marketing Services

One marketing channel is rarely enough to maximise the potential of your business. Here are some of our services that other Shopify eCommerce sites find useful.

Maximise your potential with Shopify SEO 

How do you choose a good Shopify SEO Agency?

It’s best to choose an agency with a good knowledge of optimising Shopify stores to increase online visibility and sales revenue. After that, the right Shopify SEO company for you will depend on finding the right fit for your budget and business goals.


Why choose Boom Online?

We know that SEO for Shopify websites is both challenging and rewarding. We’ll pair you with one of our Shopify SEO experts and come up with a bespoke strategy to increase your online sales via search. Every business is unique, so we quote based on what you need rather than offering a set sales package.

As all-round experts in digital marketing, we can provide a wide skillset that covers your whole marketing strategy. We’re a marketing agency that knows how to increase brand awareness and reach your target customer. We’d love to help you with your Shopify SEO strategy, so let’s talk!

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