Email Marketing

Delivering the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel.

Cost-effective, high-impact.

E-mail is often overlooked in favour of new technologies, but this tried and tested marketing method certainly shouldn’t be ignored

Email marketing is an ideal way to make the most of your existing customer base, but it’s equally powerful when targeting new prospects, too. It’s also a great method of keeping in regular contact with your customers – helping to instill trust, form better relationships and build your brand.

Here at Boom we have the skills to think differently about email. Coupling professional design that converts with analysis, and a test and learn approach, we can create and execute email marketing campaigns that maximise open, click and conversion rates – helping you to amplify the impact of your email campaigns.

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Use Our Skills To Boost Your Email Performance

Working closely with you to understand your product ranges, audience and your objectives, we’ll tailor an email marketing plan to suits you.
We’ll regularly keeps you up to date with our progress and performance so you know exactly how things are going.

So, how do we do it?

Planning & Strategy

We can help you generate ideas, plan an email programme and define your strategy for growth through email marketing.

Email Design

Our skilled graphic designers create emails that are fully responsive and browser tested, which means they’ll look great on any device.


A/B split testing based on subject, time of day, “from” name or content helps build a better picture of what your customers respond to.


Our email team’s experience allows them to help you find segments (e.g. demographics, or past purchases) that will increase your ROI.


Refine your marketing processes with automated email workflows so you never miss a customer at a key point in the sales funnel.

Reports & Analysis

Though constant performance tracking, we can provide valuable audience insights and analysis to help you shape future campaigns.

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Email Acquisition: Using Content To Build Your List

Our skills in creative content aren’t just for digital PR. We can create content for you that will entice users to submit their email address, too.

Keen to fatten up your email marketing list? We can provide you with a complete data capture campaign. From value-driven content ideas through ad campaigns, to the creation of conversion-focused landing pages and high-quality documents or other assets.

If you want to build your email marketing list whilst raising brand awareness in delivers real value in return, a data capture campaign that can be used across your website, social media & display ads that delivers is what you need. We’ve created content from a dieting guide for a slimming brand to a white paper on credit unions for employers – all researched, written and designed by the Boom team.

Ready to reach out to your customers?

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Depending on the data you have about your subscribers, email marketing can be highly personalised and timely – improving the response rate and maximising lifetime customer value.

High ROI

The main benefit of email marketing is a very high return on investment. This is a result of the low cost of sending emails, combined with an audience of people who are typically already engaged with your brand.

Low Cost

Marketing emails cost a fraction of a penny to send from most platforms. If you’ve built a list of existing customers and engaged subscribers, they’re already warm to your message and as long as you keep sending them email content with value, they’ll stay subscribed and engaged.

Retaining Customers

Retention is the most common form of email marketing. Send emails to existing customers and people who subscribed because they showed an interest in your business and what you have to offer. Keep your brand in their mind, make them aware of new things you can offer, and if you send them useful information, not just adverts and offers, they’ll appreciate the added value of being connected to you.

Keep Customers Informed

Email marketing has other uses, too. Many companies employ a sales funnel process, initially capturing a user’s data in return for some free content. A sequence of carefully curated emails will then be sent (often depending on how they engage with each one) – educating them about what’s on offer. This works well for high-value products or services and those with a long sales cycle.

What are the different types of email marketing?

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The classic email marketing campaign, sending regular updates, offers and promotions to subscribers.


Discounts, special offers, new products & services or special events are all typical promotions marketed via email.


This type of email marketing is about communication, such as customer surveys and review requests.

Funnel sequences:

These campaigns are usually part of a customer acquisition strategy, capturing users’ information and then sending several emails over a period of time to lead people through the sales funnel.

Ecommerce emails:

There are several types of email marketing specific to ecommerce, most commonly the abandoned cart email and the post-purchase email containing upsells to add to the order before dispatch.

For those selling consumables, well-timed emails reminding customers to buy more can work really well.

Why is a good email marketing strategy important?

With so much spam arriving daily in everyone’s inbox, a well thought-out email marketing strategy is essential to avoid low open and clickthrough rates. Whilst email marketing offers the highest ROI of any digital marketing, done badly it can deliver zero results.

You need to consider how you build your subscriber list in the first place, what message will resonate most with them, plus consider all the technical issues of deliverability, compatibility with multiple email clients, send timing and so on. If you’re running an acquisition campaign, you have to consider the landing page, the content and what other value you’re offering. And of course, how you’re going to get in front of your target audience to start with.

Successful email marketing has come a long way from buying a list of email addresses and sending one email using BCC from Outlook!

Ready to give your email marketing strategy a boost?