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WooCommerce SEO Services

Optimise your WooCommerce site for search engine success. 

Increase search engine traffic to your WooCommerce website

A WooCommerce checkout is the leading eCommerce software choice in the UK, with 26% of the market share. It’s ideal for turning WordPress sites into online stores, allowing you to sell online. When it comes to eCommerce platforms, we love the flexibility and refinement that can be achieved with WooCommerce

Successful eCommerce websites need a steady stream of qualified traffic, and ranking well with search engines is one way to deliver that. Search engine optimization helps your online store to rank as well as possible, increasing your organic search presence and driving more traffic and sales. 

A great WooCommerce SEO strategy helps you identify the areas that will bring the biggest gains, whilst also recognising the ongoing nature of SEO for long term growth. As search engines are always improving, you need to keep on top of the latest changes to run a thriving eCommerce site. Whether you’re getting ready to launch a new WooCommerce store or hoping to push your existing one to new levels, the right SEO campaign sets you up for success. Whatever stage of your journey, our WooCommerce SEO team can help. 

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Is WooCommerce Good For SEO?

Whilst the WooCommerce plugin is SEO friendly, there are plenty of other widely used WordPress plugins designed to improve your optimisation. From Yoast SEO and Rank Math to WP Rocket, Optimole and Schema Pro, streamlining your choices and avoiding bloat can be a challenge in itself. SEO agencies like Boom work with this day in, day out and can help you make strategic decisions. We know what works for WooCommerce websites.

Just like all eCommerce sites, if you set up for search success from the outset, you can drive plenty of organic traffic and sales. If your WordPress website has grown or developed into an eCommerce shop, your SEO needs will have changed too. It’s never too late to refine your SEO strategies and improve the results you’re getting from the WooCommerce platform.  

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How Does WooCommerce Improve SEO?

WooCommerce sites are set up with a good structure and plenty of customisation options available for SEO. But a WooCommerce site alone isn’t enough for SEO success. What actually improves your organic results is how you use this framework. 

Ranking in the search results takes knowledge, expertise and hard work. The SEO industry is ever-changing and taking your eye off the ball can give your competitors the chance to capture your potential customers. That’s where SEO companies can help, giving you an edge with the right techniques, tools and expertise to maximise your organic search traffic. 

Ready to launch a WooCommerce SEO Campaign?

Our WooCommerce SEO services

Just like the rest of our eCommerce SEO services, we tend to combine the following techniques to increase organic traffic and sales. 

Technical SEO

A key part of the SEO process is identifying and resolving technical issues. From using the right themes and SEO plugins to improving site structure and speed, we’ll establish what needs to be done. Our WooCommerce SEO experts will work with you and your developers to fix any items that affect your SEO potential. 

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Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to drive qualified site visitors and conversions is complex and nuanced. Through online research,  we’ll determine the target keywords to support your SEO campaigns and set your eCommerce website up for success. 

On-page SEO

In a busy eCommerce environment, building new pages happens fast. But what’s on these pages and how they’re structured makes a huge difference to your rankings, and to users. Keeping on top of page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, category pages and duplicate content is vital. On-page SEO is an important part of our arsenal and we know just how to use it to help you succeed.  

Creative content marketing

Link Building

Building quality backlinks is a great way to boost your SEO efforts and build your brand online. It takes time, effort and experience to be successful. Our passionate team achieve fantastic results that support your business goals and objectives.

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We’re an Experienced WooCommerce SEO Agency, and we’d love to help you thrive.


How Boom Can Help You

When you work with us, you’ll be collaborating with a dedicated account manager who knows what it takes to succeed. We’ve achieved great SEO results for both large and small WooCommerce stores. We help to grow your business through partnership, understanding and communication.

Our WooCommerce SEO services can be paired with other eCommerce digital marketing like Google Ads, Shopping Ads or Conversion rate optimisation for an all-round strategy, or as a stand-alone service.

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