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Keyword Research Services

Encourage improved search engine rankings with keyword-optimised written content.

What is keyword research?

Keywords can determine what your company is known for online.

Keyword research forms your SEO strategy and provides valuable insight into your target audience. It forms the blueprint for much of your online marketing efforts. 

Finding the keywords your target market is actively searching for is vital. Analysing those SEO opportunities and maximising search traffic requires a deep understanding of SEO as a whole.

The keywords you use when writing content can influence whether or not your web pages appear in the results when a specific search term is used. Using these seed keywords, you can encourage search engines like Google to categorise your website and improve rankings in the results. This allows them to present relevant content to end-users and ultimately, deliver more relevant traffic to your website. Keyword research is the foundation for a successful SEO campaign!

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Why is keyword research so important?

Relevant, easy-to-read and keyword optimised.

Building up a strong web presence with SEO starts with keywords. All of the content you produce should be relevant, user-friendly and easily digestible – but keywords are what’s going to drive traffic. Targeting the right keywords for your business should always be part of your long term strategy.

Utilising keyword research will help you provide credible answers to those with questions and queries, broadening your search visibility and your sales funnel. Keyword research helps you get your content marketing right, as well as nailing on page SEO and increasing organic traffic.

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How do you do keyword research?

Starting with a seed keyword, you uncover other phrases, words and searches that you’d like to rank for.

There are various tools and processes that can help to research the search terms that your potential customers are looking for. Whilst there are some free tools on the market, they usually provide limited data.

Once you have compiled a list of relevant search terms, it’s important to look at search volume and keyword difficulty to determine the right target phrases to get you noticed. Whilst chasing the highest search volume can be tempting, sometimes ranking higher for a collection of long-tail phrases could bring you more organic traffic and leads. This process can be time-consuming as there could be hundreds of thousands of keywords to consider for one website.

Our Keyword Research Process

Here at Boom, there’s nothing the SEO team loves more than getting stuck into a keyword research task. Here’s how we do it:


Using the latest keyword research tools and our inquisitive brains, we’ll work with you to discover which keywords to aim for – analysing keyword data like monthly search volume, competition, search intent, complexity and relevancy.

Competitor Research

We can combine this with competitor keyword research, which may reveal gaps in your strategy. Whilst we don’t like to focus too closely on specific competitors, finding gaps in your strategy can help to increase your overall topical authority.


Taking a particular topic, product or service, we can determine which keywords are likely to have the biggest impact and provide the best chance of getting your website out there. This keyword research can then be used as a basis for keyword research strategies, content creation and structure. 


We’ll share our findings in a keyword research report. We can compare this with your paid search data to improve your overall strategy. It can be used to optimise your website copy, write the most effective page title or create new pages in the right way. We can guide you on how to use the data or combine it with our on-page SEO services.


As with anything SEO-related, nothing stays the same for very long. So, we’ll regularly review the keyword trends, assess performance and suggest any changes that could be of benefit. How search engines process content and the keywords within it is constantly evolving. We want to make sure your content is performing to its full potential at all times. 

Why Choose Boom’s Keyword Research Service?

When it comes to keyword research, we have years of experience under our belts. Our SEO keyword research services are suitable for everything from small businesses to large e-commerce websites. We’ve worked with B2B, B2C and all sorts of tricky niches! Whilst keyword research is one of our key SEO services for ongoing clients, we can also tackle a one-off research project.

Combined with our other digital marketing services, keyword research can really help your business excel. It can help to inform various marketing channels and help you fulfil overall business objectives. Whether you’re looking for local or international SEO keyword research, or just setting out your SEO strategy, we’d love to help you on your journey.

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