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SEO Consultancy Services

Partnering with you to increase your online visibility and performance

What is SEO Consultancy? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultancy is our service aimed at helping businesses like yours improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. One of our skilled SEO consultants will work alongside your business to identify areas of improvement in your website and digital presence and suggest strategies to increase search engine rankings, drive traffic to the website and improve your online visibility. 

The main benefit of choosing to place your trust in Boom’s SEO consultancy service is that you’ll have full access to our experts that have many, many years of experience. Our SEO consultants keep up to date with the ever-changing search engine algorithms and updates to make sure you stay ahead of your competitors in those all-important search results.

Hiring an SEO consultant doesn’t need to be a minefield.  Before we begin we’ll offer you a free SEO audit that will help you identify where your strongest organic traffic is coming from and how we can implement campaigns that capitalise on that. Our consultants will also help you identify areas in your technical SEO that will assist with growth.

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Our Approach to SEO Consultancy

We can consult on all aspects of your SEO strategy, including technical SEO, link acquisition/link building and on-page content across all major search engines. Our experienced SEO consultants have tried and tested many of the tools available, and we’ve invested in only the best, industry-leading tools to allow us to gain actionable insights that can deliver real results in your organic traffic.

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SEO Audit 

We’ll spend time carefully examining your current SEO strategy and performance to identify what’s working for you and suggest improvements. We’ll also take this opportunity to suggest areas of growth. 

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Google Updates

Google updates their algorithms regularly, and periodically launches considerable changes. Our SEO consultants keep up to date with these changes and can offer their expert advice in keeping your SEO strategies relevant. Some recent examples include: 

  • The Helpful Content Update 
  • The Link Spam Update, and 
  • The Product Reviews update

Just to name a few. All of these have an impact on how your website performs in the search engine result pages (SERPs.) What was working well for you six months ago may be holding you back now. This is what our expert SEO consultants investigate.

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Technical SEO Audit 

The foundation of your SEO success lies in the technical details. Whilst this can sound daunting, improving your technical SEO doesn’t have to be!

Our team of SEO consultants have the experience and expertise to suggest technical improvements that will help attract more customers and offer a better user experience, ultimately resulting in higher revenue and potentially improved prominence in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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Keyword Research

You might know what keywords, also known as search terms, are, but are you using them effectively?

We’ll research what your target audience is searching for and why then put in place a clear plan and strategy to help you rank higher in the search engines for those phrases and ensure that they find precisely what they’re looking for when they click through to your website. 

Competitor Analysis 

The key to any successful SEO strategy is understanding what your competitors are doing, and how you can outperform them. We’ve invested in industry-leading tools that enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your market and competitors to help give you a competitive advantage. 

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We’re SEO industry experts with years of in-depth, hands-on experience. Our SEO consultant services have been trusted by hundreds of clients to help their SEO strategy deliver a much higher return on investment (ROI).

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How much does an SEO consultant cost?

We pride ourselves on our sensible and affordable pricing, so SEO success could be yours for less than you might think. Whether you want to use our SEO skills as a one-off to help you navigate an algorithm update that has reduced your online performance, or have us on a retainer in combination with our other digital marketing services to create a holistic, long-term digital marketing strategy, we’ll make sure your website is fine-tuned to your audience so that it delivers results. 

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