Link Acquisition

Attract high-quality links to your website, the right way.

What does link acquisition mean?

A key element of SEO, link building is the process of getting other websites to link to yours through outreach. Another website will place a hyperlink in an article or feature that links right through to a page on your website. The idea is simple, but link building is actually a complex and time-consuming job. Let us take the pain out of link acquisition.

We have the tools, creativity and tried & tested processes to attract high-quality links to your website – boosting rankings, credibility and visibility.

At Boom, our Digital PR specialists are extremely passionate about link building, the effect it can have on SEO and the reputation of your website as a whole. We know what matters to search engines. That’s why we offer link building as part of our creative content marketing services – from research and content ideation, right through to analysis and reporting – so you know that the results you get will be lasting ones.

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What are the benefits of link building?

Links from other websites to your own send important trust signals to search engines. Search engines such as Google will use these signals to help decide how credible your website is and where your pages should rank. The key benefits of having a healthy link profile are better organic rankings and increased online traffic.

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Does link building still work?

Yes, link building still works.

Links are still the primary way search engines like Google explore the web. The way in which websites link to each other provides important information to search engines. Links help to give your website context and gravitas.

As a human, we search for our own signals to help us determine if we trust a website. If a website we already trust introduces us to a new site, we’re likely to trust it too. Link building works in a similar way. As long as it’s done in an ethical way, it helps send the right signals.

Talking about sending the right signals, long gone are the days of flooding forums and directories with links to your website. No longer does paying some shady character to include your website in a bajillion versions of the same blog post on a ton of obscure websites work – link quality matters.

Link building isn’t just a short term fix either. Over time, link acquisition has a positive effect on your organic search traffic. It’s also not uncommon for good content to continue picking up quality links months, even years, down the line. Essentially, good links can lead to more links. It’s just important to make sure you’re getting the ball rolling in the right way.

How We Usually Build Links


Every link acquisition project starts with research. We’ll spend time understanding your business, your market and your audience. We’ll use this information to create a link building strategy.

Content Creation

Creative content comes in many forms. We’ve worked hard to create digital content for clients that other, trusted websites want to link to. Our understanding of what attracts links, coupled with our creative flair, gets results.


Your online content needs to reach the right people to be effective. We spend time researching websites and blogs to compile a list of publications we’d like to talk to about your current project. We’ll spend time engaging with these hand-picked publications to gain the coverage you need.

Digital PR

The media are looking for stories their readers will engage with. You’re looking for exposure, links, and traffic. We’ve helped our clients promote and even create media-worthy stories through Digital PR. This results in publicity, increased traffic and valuable links.

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