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From landing page design to strategy creation and reporting, enjoy a connected approach to your tailored paid search campaigns

Bespoke PPC audits, training and cost-effective eCommerce PPC campaigns

For eCommerce sites, visibility is key to selling products. With the right paid adverts, you can introduce new customers or remind previous shoppers about your products, enticing them to click through to an intelligently crafted landing page for increased conversion potential.

A paid ad strategy isn’t just about selling more products, it’s a gold mine of information, helping us truly understand your target audience. What are they looking for? What terminology do they use? Which platforms do they spend their time on?

And we don’t just sit on this information. Instead, we use it to devise custom strategies using keyword research, creative ad copy and extensions that really pack a punch to get your brand the best return on your investment (ROI) possible. And we will share all of this information with you, teaching you everything we know to help you get stuck in with us.

Not only that, but through our audits, we’ll identify where to spend money and where to pull back to get you the best value and return possible.

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What is eCommerce PPC?

eCommerce pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising method where you bid on target keywords to get a relevant ad for your product or online shop in front of your target audience. You only pay for your ad when somebody clicks through to your website or your ad is seen a certain number of times depending on the platform and campaign you choose.

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Getting your brand where it should be

As a full-service digital marketing agency, when you invest in our eCommerce PPC management services, you’ll have access to experts specialising in creative landing pages, optimised copywriting, conversion rate optimisation and more.

With a long history of delivering successful PPC campaigns, we’re trusted by many and our clients have seen excellent returns through our eCommerce PPC advertising services.

From the initial audit to understand historic performance to conversations with you regarding short and long-term business goals, we can devise a comprehensive ad strategy to get your eCommerce business where it should be.

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Our eCommerce PPC services

As a trusted eCommerce PPC management agency, we don’t believe in an off-the-shelf service. Instead, we will put together a bespoke PPC strategy that’s data-based to ensure your online advertising delivers.

Our bespoke PPC marketing campaigns can include:

Google Ads Account Management

Get your eCommerce company front and centre with Google search ads. These can show up at the top of the search engine’s results page so that your brand is one of the first that shoppers see.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping campaigns put all of the information a potential shopper needs to know in the SERPs so that when they click through they have been pre-qualified. Shopping ads display an image of the product and the price. 

Display Advertising

Display advertising platforms are a form of Google ads that show up elsewhere on the internet. They are a great way to meet or re-engage shoppers, encouraging them to come to your online store and invest. Display advertising can generate sales online by targeting websites your specific audience regularly surfs.

Paid Social Media Advertising

PPC isn’t just for search engines anymore. We can get your products advertised on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. These campaigns can reach a fresh audience, or give a little nudge to shoppers who have already interacted with your site.

PPC Audits

If you’ve run PPC ads before, a wealth of historic information can be utilised to boost sales and get a better return for your monthly ad spend. As they say, you can only know where you’re going once you know where you’ve been! Our experienced digital detectives can do some digging and find the gold.

Paid Search Training

As eCommerce PPC experts, we want to work with our clients rather than on their behalf. To do this, we offer in-depth training whether you want to learn more about your merchant centre account, keyword research, explore what is meant by a well-maintained product feed or something else, we’re ready to share our knowledge!

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Landing Page Design

You could have the best paid ads in your industry, but if you’re sending shoppers to a poorly designed landing page in desperate need of user experience optimisation and conversion rate optimisation, you won’t get the return you’re looking for. That’s where our experienced landing page designers come in.

Related digital marketing services

We wholeheartedly believe that the best digital strategy is a holistic one. By investing in multiple digital marketing techniques, you can meet shoppers wherever they are online. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can provide a whole host of online marketing services, including:

Kickstart your eCommerce PPC strategy today

Through our eCommerce PPC management services, we can meet your target audience at every stage of the purchase journey. We’ll keep your brand front and centre until they are in a position to invest.

Most importantly, we don’t keep our knowledge a secret. We want to empower our clients to learn as much as they want to about paid advertising and for you to be as involved with your eCommerce PPC management as you choose.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager working on your paid platforms. But that’s not all.  Our team works incredibly closely with our other digital departments at Boom to ensure you’re receiving the best service possible.

Let’s do great things together, from the initial audit and training to implementing effective eCommerce PPC strategies in line with your company KPIs.

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Your PPC Questions Answered

Why is PPC important?

Not only can a bespoke PPC campaign get your products in front of people who are most likely to buy, but the wealth of data your account is collecting is invaluable.

Holistic approach
When utilised alongside other online marketing services, you can improve performance across the board. For example, if you had a topic that was too expensive to bid on, you could task the SEO team with increasing organic rankings for that section of your site.
Vice versa, if there are terms that are incredibly competitive to target organically and is unfeasible for your budget, the PPC team can look to target them to ensure great visibility and engagement while the SEO team focuses on terms and topics that are more likely to perform organically.

Product launches
Microsoft and Google ads are a great way to get the word out about your new products without having to wait for your new pages to gain enough authority to rank well in the SERPs.

Start-ups and small companies
While SEO is an incredible tool that we believe every brand should invest in as a long-term strategy, PPC is a great way for new and small companies to get the ball rolling and encourage customers onto your site.

Who should use PPC?

The great thing about paid advertising is that it can work for any brand. Of course, for this approach to work well, you need to select the right platform for your audience and budget, but any business can see results incredibly quickly with well-thought-out, highly researched, and data-led campaigns.

What do PPC agencies do?

eCommerce PPC agencies will do many things to ensure the smooth running of your ad account. This includes implementing a highly effective account structure, creating appealing ads, managing budgets, monitoring performance, making relevant changes regularly to improve return on investment, reporting on results, providing consultation services and so much more.

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