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KLG Rutland Case Study

Boost Enquiries & Brand Awareness to Expand Market Share

Find out how we developed a tailored marketing strategy to increase enquiry form submissions, enhance brand awareness, and expand KLG Rutland’s market share.

The Client

KLG Rutland provides windows, doors, and conservatories to the people of the East Midlands, not only do they sell doors and windows, they also manufacture them at their base in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. KLG Rutland were on a mission of transformation when they met the gang here at Boom, and this included their digital marketing. 

The Challenge

Boost enquiries to drive company growth

We always like to take a look at the bigger picture before we get started on developing things. We worked alongside KLG Rutland to work out what exactly their business objectives were. Once we knew that, we developed a marketing strategy to support these goals and ultimately drive company growth. 

Alongside the team at KLG, we identified a couple of main areas of focus. These were; to increase enquiry form submissions, enhance brand awareness and expand KLG Rutland’s overall market share. 


What We Did

We started off taking a look at their paid ads to see where we could drive traffic through to the site, whilst also minimising the cost per form submission, so ultimately they’d be paying less, for more conversions and completions! 

Our PPC team got to work and implemented new display and search ads on Google and Bing, allocating a dedicated budget. We also decided to implement Facebook Ads with a smaller budget to help establish a presence across multiple platforms, this helps with building trust and brand recognition. 

We don’t just dive right into building an SEO strategy, so first we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit and address any necessary actions. We also focussed on optimising existing blogs and publishing new blogs each month carefully crafted and optimised by our in-house team. 

The Results

The results for KLG Rutland were outstanding…
if we do say so ourselves. 

Through their new PPC strategy, KLG Rutland saw a 28% increase in goal completions, a 36% boost in their conversion rate, and a fantastic 19% reduction in the cost per goal completion. (Remember what we said about paying less for more?) 

Chart conversions
  • Goal completions
  • Cost per goal conversion

That’s not all though, through the new organic SEO strategy, KLG Rutland saw a 22% increase in new site users and a 19% increase in sessions. We also maintained over 130 first-page rankings for relevant keywords, enhancing their online visibility and overall search engine presence. 

KLG Rutland Logo

KLG Rutland


  • 36% increase in conversion rate
  • 22% increase in new users
  • Maintained 130+ page 1 rankings

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