Social Media Management

Build an engaged community of followers and grow your business.

Engage with your followers.

Social media marketing gives businesses like yours an opportunity to develop and maintain relationships with customers, discover new audiences and ultimately grow your business.

At Boom, we can manage the social media marketing for your business or provide your staff with a social media management strategy that will deliver results – both for you and your customers.

Being a business that engages with your followers, giving them good customer service and two way communication can have a hugely positive effect on how customers feel about your brand. Having an active and responsive social media presence is an important trust signal for prospective & existing customers, generating brand awareness, leads  and revenue.

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Build a social media strategy.

Give your brand a voice.

Your business having a strategic approach to social media management is the groundwork on which a successful social media presence is built.  Our social media experts can help you create a tone of voice that represents your brand and resonates with your customers.  We can create and plan a content strategy to deliver maximum engagement and reach for your brand.

We can make sure your brand is part of social media conversations and trends that are most relevant to your business through listening and analysing what it is that your customers want.

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How it Works

With so many social media channels out there, it’s important to identify which are going to deliver the results you need. Doing so ensures that your social media management plan is focused and productive, and ultimately, fully aligned with the rest of your digital marketing efforts.


With each client, we start out with a social media audit of your existing accounts to identify what is working for you and what is not in terms of approach, content and channels.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis will help us place your business as a leader within your sector and show you the areas where improvement in your social media activity will provide you with the greatest reward.


As part of your social media management strategy, we will research your audience to create personas that can inform the type of content you should be producing and the conversations you should be having.

Content & Ad Creation Development

With your social media management strategy in place, we can build unique content, bespoke assets and a schedule that will generate engagement, brand awareness and follower growth.

Campaign Building

As well as day-to-day social media activity, we can work with you to create both organic and paid campaigns that support and deliver.  

Social Profile Optimisation

We can assess your current social media profiles and recommend & implement updates that will improve the visibility and engagement with your brand. 


We provide bespoke reports that only concentrate on the KPIs and results that matter to your business. We can blend data from various sources so that you can see exactly what activities are giving you the best ROI.

Community Management

Our experienced team has managed social media communities for many brands across a variety of sectors from non-profit to e-Commerce. Through social listening & analysis, we can identify who is engaging with your brand and how they feel about it. 

We work to create a positive sentiment around your business through conversations with your customers and publishing content that will resonate with them. Our aim in managing your social media community is to help you achieve your business goals.

Follower Acquisition 

Growing your social media audience will be an important part of your social media management strategy. Engaging your existing followers is essential, as they will be the first to share your content – creating brand awareness and getting your brand in front of new followers and potential customers. Content that is attractive and relevant to your prospective audience will generate followers.

Customer Care

As a customer relationship platform, social media gives an unrivalled opportunity for customers to engage with your brand and the people who care about your business in real time. Customers reach out publicly on social media platforms with feedback, requests & issues and expect a meaningful and satisfactory response. Our experienced social media managers will ensure that customer engagement is timely, relevant and in an appropriate tone of voice that represents your business – building & reinforcing the connections people have made with you.  

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