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PPC Search Queries: If the Best of the Worst Were Real Display Ads

Whilst only Google themselves know the full range of horrors contained within the 3.5 billion queries it processes daily, in the marvellous world of PPC account management we get an insight into what people were, and are, searching for. And it seems some of you have been searching for some very odd things indeed…

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Google Shopping Ads on Gmail: What We Know So Far

Just when you thought advertising on Google had reached its capacity, enter Shopping Ads on Gmail – the latest place for advertisers to reach potential customers. 

On February 6th, Google officially announced that they would be expanding standard Shopping ads to Gmail. With Gmail already being a significant part of an individual’s shopping journey used by over a billion people worldwide, this seems like a reasonably smart move. 

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We Buy With Our Eyes: The Importance of Decent Images

In this article I want to explore some of the reasons why businesses neglect their media libraries as well as providing some tips on how to make the most of your photos and hopefully help get those product pages selling again!

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Managing Expectations: The Human Brain is Not Your Friend

Some things simply don’t fit into the cause and effect pattern. Some things are random. Whether the next child born is a boy or a girl is independent of the previous child’s gender. Both of the sequences of births listed above are equally likely. 

While I can process that on an intellectual level, on a gut level randomness just isn’t satisfying. I’d be avoiding the ward where that poor, unlucky nurse was working. I can’t blame the client for wanting a better explanation – ‘it’s just a bad patch’ isn’t a very convincing story. So how can we deal with this flaw in our brains?