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What Boom Have Been Reading November 2023 Edition

A person wearing a blue top reading an orange book, the book obscures the person's face

As yet another Google core update rolls out, let’s see what the team have been reading to keep abreast of all the current changes, trends, and advancements in the world of digital marketing.

We also take a bit of a retrospective look at the history of Google, as it celebrates its 25th anniversary (and makes us all feel ancient), whilst Jon goes all analogue on us and picks up a proper book from 1909. Meanwhile, Wayne shares an extensive reading list in an attempt to prepare you for SEO in 2024, and Susan recommends one of her favourite newsletters from the world of copywriting.


Jon Crannage

Jon Crannage

Head of SEO

The Machine Stops

By EM Forster

This 1909 short story has been cited by many as prescient for predicting “the internets”, lockdown, and the era of surveillance capitalism. Like any great sci-fi (such as Phillip K Dick at his best) it’s not the “science” that is the impressive bit, it’s the depiction of humanity and how in this case the misery of what tech brings to a world that’s so obsessed with one activity – a screen. H/t to John Naughton for the share.  

Magazine Stand Update

By Sean Kaye (@SeanDoesLife)

A thought-provoking thread on how Google tells small publishers that content should be helpful and SEOs should not try to “game” Google yet SERPs are dominated by huge publishers and content that is neither helpful or any good because of their backlink profiles, and as suggested by some, the ad revenue these sites bring in.

Pete looking up

Peter Bingham

Head of Design & Creative Content

Celebrating 25 years of Google Search: developer trends and history 

By Google for Developers (@googledevs

Google turned 25 earlier this year (that’s a quarter of a century!) and some of us have been here from the very beginning! Aside from general search, it’s actually fascinating looking back at what web designers and developers have been using Google for and all the challenges and roadblocks we’ve encountered along the way.

I’m also probably responsible for around 99% of the searches for “how to center a div”…

Susan Giles

Susan Giles

SEO Content Writer

Tone Knob Newsletter: The Rochambeau Club

By Nick Parker (@itstoneknob)

I’m always happy to see a new Tone Knob newsletter in my inbox, but this month’s featured brand was a complete gem. 

Although the brilliance of The Rochambeau Club is the concept (an imaginary members club to promote rosé wine) its success hangs almost entirely on its pitch-perfect tone of voice. In this newsletter, Nick Parker pulls apart exactly why this TOV works so well, the tiny touches that you might not even notice that come together to build a world so rich you could wander around in for hours without being bored.

If you’re the kind of person who cares about words, every edition of Tone Knob is a must-read. An (almost) monthly inbox highlight, it reminds you exactly why words are so important, inspiring you to sharpen your own writing until every syllable counts.

Wayne Barker talking at Drink Digital, Nottingham

Wayne Barker

Principal Client Strategist

It’s Goog Enough

By AJ Kohn (@ajkohn)

One of my fave SEO guys and all the stuff he was saying a decade ago still stands true. When AJ writes, I listen.

How Google’s SGE Snapshots Change Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday SERPs

By Aleyda Solis (@aleyda)

I’ve also been brushing up on all the things that we should be doing now with as many clients as possible to get ready for the new world of SEO.

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