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Pete looking up

Peter Bingham

Head of Design & Content

Content Marketing

I’m the ideas guy. Whether it’s jumping on the latest trend or creating it, I enjoy work closely with our clients to create fun, engaging and successful content for their brands.

Design & Illustration

The combined skillset of design and illustration provides me with both the technical and artistic perspective to create exciting web experiences for our clients.

Web Design

The modern internet demands fast, modern and responsive web design. I’ve been creating websites since the mid-nineties, so hopefully I’ve picked up a trick or two along the way…

About Me

I’ve been a professional designer since 2002, and drawing for as long as I can remember. I started my career in print before moving into the digital arts, but I’m a keen artist outside of work too – illustrating on my iPad, throwing paint on canvas or scribbling on scraps of paper whenever I get the chance.

When I’m not doodling, I enjoy cooking, growing chilies and houseplants, going for ridiculously long walks in Derbyshire and spending time with my family.

I also co-organise Boom’s regular DRINK:// marketing meetups.

And beer, I like beer.

Skills & Experience

  • Nearly 20 years experience, covering a wide range of design disciplines
  • I know the Adobe Creative Suite like the back of my hand
  • I’ve worked on so many web projects I code in my sleep
  • I once walked 50 miles to Mam Tor
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