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Landing Page Design Services

Targeted pages designed to draw attention.

What is a landing page and how does it work?

A landing page is a singular web page that is used separately from the rest of a website to promote a particular product or service, generate leads or to direct traffic.

A professional landing page design usually contains a summary of information and then a Call to Action, prompting the user to either fill in a lead capture form, click through to a website or download information. It’s ideal for many aspects of digital marketing, especially for supporting a specific advertising or PPC campaign.

Don’t know where to start? Speak to our PPC team or your SEO account manager for an in-depth analysis of how landing page designs could help you promote a particular product or service.

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Why do you need landing pages?

A landing page works beautifully with an ad campaign, social media campaign or a push before a new website or product launch. Our team is always on hand to identify whether a landing page would be beneficial, they’ll also be able to put forward a proposal highlighting the best route to take. As a rounded digital marketing company, we really understand the intricacies of creating a new landing page for your business.

Landing pages can have a variety of uses: 

Promote a particular product or service

Increase your conversion rates and lower your cost-per-acquisition

Drive general traffic to your website

Generate leads

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Ready to create great landing pages?

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What makes a good landing page design?

An effective landing page design will be engaging and informative without the waffle.

The reason landing pages are good for promotional or product-specific purposes is that they can be honed down to a single goal. Traffic to landing pages is usually via social media or through ads that are considered relevant to the user. This ensures that the product or service is of interest and therefore, a conversion is more likely.

Custom landing pages are good for ‘coming soon’ announcements for new products, apps or website launches. They can create a real buzz before release and establish a stronghold on keywords and searches related to your product or brand. 

A creative landing page will compel visitors to take a specific action on your site, using some or all of the following components:

Great layout

Colourful graphics and images

Benefit-driven, relevant content

A compelling CTA button

A landing page designer understands how to use all these elements to support your goal and optimise the customer journey. They know how to use web design to drive conversions or more leads. A good landing page agency will create a robust, responsive design that resonates with your potential customers, and delivers qualified leads or sales.

A landing page design service can help you craft the perfect landing page for your campaign. Here at Boom, we have a proven track record for integrating ad campaigns and landing pages to increase conversion rates. Our trained graphic designers with web building knowledge and SEO awareness are seasoned landing page creators. Our landing page designers work closely with the SEO, PPC and Web Development teams, and will have you up and running in no time. We’ll create a custom landing page design to meet your campaign goals.

Our landing page services are ideal for many online marketing initiatives, and perfect for small and large businesses alike. They pair well with our other digital marketing and design services, too. Let’s create stunning landing pages for your target audience today.

Time to take your landing pages to the next level?

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