Social Media Marketing Services

Use social media to build your brand, increase sales and drive traffic to your website.

An essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

We manage many social media channels for our clients across different networks and industries. Through experience, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media.

From talking to you and finding out your business goals, our social media marketing experts will advise you on what channels will suit your brand and the social platforms where you’re going to get the best results. Social media management covers a wide range of tasks, from working with paid media to online communities and influencer marketing.

As a digital agency with expertise in a wide variety of areas including search engine optimisation and content marketing, we can make sure that social media marketing strategies are fully integrated with the rest of your digital strategy. We can help you reach your target audience and maximise your online sales via social media.

Our Social Media Services

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Social Media Management

Social media isn’t a one-way channel, and good social media agencies help you develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

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Community Management

Your account manager works with you to create a tone of voice that will resonate with your own brand and followers. We’ll help you start valuable two-way conversations that offer insight into how your customers feel about you and your business.

Effective community management can help foster brand advocacy, social media engagement, and increase your social media presence. Regular posting, monitoring and engaging communities take plenty of time and effort. We can help you stay responsive and effective.

Content Creation

Timely and engaging content is essential to social media success. Using a creative approach, we will work with you to plan & create your social content strategically to line up with the dates and periods most important to your business. As a creative agency, we love working with you to achieve social growth.

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Paid Media

Networks such as Facebook and Instagram give businesses a unique opportunity to reach their audiences through social media advertising. We can work with you to create a paid strategy that will generate the results you need – whether it’s brand awareness, website traffic or lead creation.

With an estimated 42 million social media users in the UK, paid social ads and promoted content provide the ideal opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility and reach potential customers. What makes paid social advertising so effective, is the highly targeted results that can be achieved. Targets such as user demographics, interests and life stages, along with your own email lists & website visitors.

This means we can produce highly relevant & engaging ads tailored to business objectives that will make the most of your paid social budget and hit your KPIs.      

Examples of Facebook Ads

Social Media Consultancy

A social media audit is a detailed evaluation of a business’s social media marketing strategy, including profiles, organic & paid social activity. A social media audit from Boom will help you determine what channels are helping you reach your business goals, what networks might have the potential for growth, and any profiles that aren’t currently aligned to your marketing plan and could be made better.

Full Service Audit

Our approach to a social media audit will be defined by a discussion of your requirements. It will typically involve identifying & analysing existing profiles, assessing existing & potential audiences, evaluating content strategy as well as competitor analysis. A social media audit from Boom will ensure you are on top of your social media game and provide a solid base for future strategy building.   


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Social Media Platforms We Work With

Our philosophy at Boom is that one size does not fit all and that’s why we create bespoke social media reports that detail the metrics and KPIs that matter most to our clients. We can also integrate social media analytics with other resources such as website statistics to present reports that will give you an insightful overview of your digital marketing activity.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can build a bespoke social media plan that will focus on the social networks that give the best return on your digital marketing efforts.


With 2.5 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is still the daddy when it comes to social media. Its huge reach and audience targeting capabilities make it ideal for the majority of businesses when it comes to raising awareness, audience engagement and getting the most out of your ad spend. Why not talk o us about how we can support you with Facebook advertising.


Instagram can generate fantastic engagement even without ad spend through creative visual content. It has a UK audience of 23.82 million, with 32.3% of those users between 25 and 34 years of age – a key demographic for many businesses. Instagram advertising can be very lucrative, especially for eCommerce businesses.


Known as Facebook for business, LinkedIn is a great place for B2B companies to plug their services and reach professional audiences. Despite having a reputation for being boring, LinkedIn is a network where you can showcase your brand’s personality and attractiveness to key audiences and quickly stand out from the crowd.  


Twitter is a brilliant platform to share updates and engage in conversations with your customers. Twitter audiences spend 26% more time looking at ads than other networks and with a variety of targeting options available including interests & demographics, it’s likely you can reach the audience you want to.


Pinterest is still flying relatively low under the radar when it comes to social media networks. But with a global audience of 335 million, it’s one that should definitely be considered in terms of the opportunities it presents for eCommerce businesses. 


YouTube has 2 billion users that between them watch 1 billion hours of video a day. YouTube is great for sharing content with your audience and using paid activity to raise awareness of your brand. 

We can help with:

Social Media Management

Publishing content that will resonate with your customers.

Social Media Consulting

Identify what works for you in terms of approach, content and channels.

Social Media Advertising

Reach your customers in a targeted and cost effective way.

Unlike some social media marketing agencies, we cover the whole spectrum of digital marketing. From SEO and Google ads to web development, we can help our clients reach their goals with a complete digital strategy. We understand the need for consistency across different channels and take the time to really understand your business so we can work together to exceed your objectives.

Our social media team love working with you to achieve business growth. We’ll match you with a social media manager who can work effectively on your social channels, producing the results you need.

Ready to transform your social media strategy?