Content Marketing

Engage your audience, build trust and increase your visibility across the web.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the creation of valuable, relevant and engaging content for your website – which helps boost your SEO efforts in the process.

Types of content marketing can include landing pages, blog articles, infographics, videos, how-to guides and a lot more. The purpose of content is to attract regular traffic to your site, allowing you to engage with the right customers whilst increasing your online visibility, brand recognition and ultimately your sales.

With an effective Content Marketing strategy in place, we’ll ensure the content we create is perfect for your brand, sharing it with the right people and getting the coverage and publicity your site deserves. As they say: “Content is King”.

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How important is Content Marketing?

There’s a lot of content being created on the internet right now and cutting through that noise can seem impossible. Good content marketing is important because it provides valuable information to your customers; answering their questions, building trust and increasing your visibility in search engines…. a well-informed customer is always more likely to buy.

Drive Sales to Your Website

Recommendations and helpful advice on blog posts helps customers make an educated, informed purchase. Position your site as the one that gives the best advice!

Search Engine Optimised

Using a variety of proven SEO techniques and some creative flair plays a huge role in improving the visibility of your website. Good copywriting gets noticed.

Improve Brand Reputation

Article writing is a great way to build trust. Friendly, well written, helpful articles are a great way to build positive relationships. You’re an expert and your audience wants to know that.

Boost Your Backlink Profile

When Content Marketing is done well, it’s the best way to build up your backlink profile in a structured and effective way. Backlinks are a big trust signal for search engines.

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Is Content Marketing worth it?

Yes! Content doesn’t have to cost the earth to be effective and we’re able to create content to suit any budget. The return on investment from Content Marketing regularly outstrips more traditional SEO or advertising techniques. 

There’s no better way to improve your backlink profile and build trust with search engines – so long as you stick to the mantra of keeping it relevant, valuable and engaging.

Our content strategy is often paired with Digital PR, SEO or PPC techniques. Meaning optimised landing pages convert and rank, and engaging creative content is distributed to, and shared by, the right websites, journalists and influencers.

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What are the different types of content?

There are hundreds of different types of content options available, and whilst not all of them will be appropriate for your brand or website, you should try to avoid limiting your site to just one type. Explore all of the possibilities…


Well written, informative articles that answer the questions your customers are looking for 
e.g. How to Recycle Old Windows

Infographics & Video

Engaging visual content, built for sharing, that attracts publicity and drives traffic to your site e.g. The UK’s Favourite Biscuit: Revealed

…and More

Recipes, how-to guides, case studies, testimonials, e-books, templates, free tools, interactive pieces, animation – you name it!

How do we build your content strategy?

Our approach is both a creative and technical process, and with that we appreciate each client’s needs are different. Our strategy is not one that always adheres strictly to a template, but we can just about boil it down to these three steps:


We start by checking out the current state of your content and looking for opportunities. What articles exist, but could be better optimised? Where are your competitors outranking you and how can we make your pages outperform theirs? We also find out what questions your customers are asking and make sure your site answers them.


After our research, we implement a series of content techniques that suits your budget and scope. Good copywriting, backed with solid research and engaging visual content is promoted by our outreach team to reinforce your brand and product.


A good brand or website should never remain static, and neither should its marketing team. We keep up to date with the latest techniques in the industry and find creative new solutions to keep pushing the capabilities of your site.

We move with, or ahead of the times, ensuring your content is futureproof.

We can help with:

Creative Content

Fun and engaging content that gets coverage on high authority websites, building links to help your SEO and raise your brand profile.

Digital PR

Creating stories that the media and your audience will engage with, driving traffic from the big sites to yours.


Producing written content that’s informative, authoritative and concise for the sole purpose of advertising or publicity.

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