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What is international SEO?

International SEO is the process of making sure your website is visible in search engines across multiple global locations. The search engine results are not the same if you search from different countries. In order to be seen, you need to tailor your approach to your target country. 

What’s more, your target audience will behave differently in a specific country. They might search for different things, use different languages or phrases. They may even use other search engines. The purpose of global SEO is to increase search visibility in a particular country and drive more traffic to your website.

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How can I do International SEO for my website?

To attract international visitors, you need to tailor your web pages to suit the international markets you’re interested in. It’s important to consider all aspects of SEO to improve international rankings. From country targeting and website structure to multilingual SEO campaigns, there’s a lot of work to be done if you want to succeed. 

An experienced international SEO agency can help you to get started or boost your search marketing across the globe. They understand what it takes to improve your search rankings and reach new markets. Our international SEO team relish the challenges involved in ranking in multiple locations.

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International SEO services

Each website is unique, so we’ll tailor your project to suit your needs. However, our global SEO services will usually include the following: 

Keyword Research

International keyword research forms the groundwork for any campaign. Whether it’s finding out which keywords are used in a local language or looking for colloquialisms used by your target market, we’ll uncover the relevant keywords and opportunities. 

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Content & Copywriting

When you’re targeting international markets, your content strategy and copywriting style have to reflect the culture and language of your target country. Our copywriting team can create content to engage and convert your global audiences. 

Technical SEO

Creating international pages or even entire international websites is a challenging process. Our technical SEO experts can help you get it right. From implementing hreflang tags to defining the right url structure, we’re always there to assist. 

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Link acquisition

Attracting the right links from the right locations can give your performance a real boost. Our link building team can acquire powerful links from international sites to give you credibility overseas.  

International SEO strategy & consultancy

Defining a global SEO strategy from the outset is a huge task. We can help with market research, audits, and digging into Google Analytics data to see which markets are the most promising. If you already have a team prepared to do the work required, we can offer consultancy services to help steer you in the right direction. Our international SEO consultants will help to set out a roadmap to global success. 

Why choose Boom as your International SEO agency?

Our international SEO experts are passionate, ambitious and results-driven. We want to help you succeed. We relish the challenges of working with international markets and enjoy working with you in a collaborative way to get the best results for your business.

As digital marketing professionals, we can offer plenty of related services to help increase brand awareness internationally. From PPC to social media, we understand what it takes to succeed online. 

We’d love to help you expand and reach global markets with international SEO.

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Your Questions Answered…

Is SEO different in other countries?

Whilst SEO itself isn’t different in other countries, the search engine results pages are. So are your target audiences and the way they behave. If you want to run successful SEO campaigns in key markets across the globe, you’ll need an understanding of each one. 

Your approach to SEO will vary depending on what’s important in the country you’re targeting. You may use different tactics to succeed in the US than in the UK for example. Based on factors like competitor analysis, local search volumes and the behaviour of your international website visitors, you can make strategic decisions about how to approach SEO for any given market.

How much does international SEO cost?

There’s no set cost for international SEO. There are a number of different factors that influence the price you will be quoted for an international SEO service.

  • Your site:
    The size and complexity of your website will affect the cost of international SEO. A simple site with a few pages will take less work than a large, complex one. 
  • Target Markets:
    The number of target markets you have identified, and the specific language requirements. Are you looking to target multiple countries or just one specific international market?
  • SEO agencies:
    Different international SEO agencies operate in different ways and offer a variety of services. What’s more, the pricing format, SEO skills and team experience all affect the cost. For example, a global SEO agency might have native speakers in-house, an expert technical team or specialist SEO services. 

We take the guesswork out of finding an international SEO agency to provide you with professional service. Our experienced staff will review your needs and produce an individual quote that suits you perfectly. Boom has you covered with quick turnaround times on quality work at honest prices.

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