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Susan Giles

Susan Giles

SEO Content Writer

SEO Copywriting

Having incredible content on your website is great, but people need to find it. I write content that is optimised for search engines through in-depth keyword research and natural language processing, to help draw relevant traffic and improve organic rankings.

Creative Content Writing

I’m passionate about writing content that is informative, interesting and engaging, as well as search engine optimised. Staying true to brand guidelines, I’ll use storytelling techniques to create content that people want to read, build rapport and convert readers to customers.

Copy Editing

I can take existing content and polish it into something special. Whether it’s optimising for relevant keywords, making complicated concepts accessible, or turning a tired page into a charming new read. I can refresh your writing and make it work even harder.

About Me

I like to think words are my thing. I started scribbling stories before I was even at school and I’ve never really stopped since. From spilling my teen goth soul onto Livejournal, through two creative writing degrees, I’ve built my life around words.

That’s why before joining Boom I worked as a freelance writer, creating content like blog posts and social media captions to help companies increase their organic traffic and convert customers. It’s also why I work as a creative writing tutor, helping people access their creativity and find the words to tell their tales.

Even when I’m not working, you’ll still find me lost in someone else’s story. 

Whether I’m chasing Heathcliff across a windswept moor, running down crims in seventies Manchester or hunting through Yarnham in search of blood. If a world is rich and the characters are engaging, I’m there.

Failing that, I’ll be in a cloud of smoke and fire alarms in the kitchen, struggling to save another overambitious dinner.

Skills & Experience

  • MA Creative Writing
  • SEO Fundamentals Cert – SEMrush
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Cert – Google
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Blogging
  • SEO writing
  • Social media management
  • Founder of Derby Young Writers
  • Member of the National Association of Writers In Education
  • 9+ years as a creative coach and writing tutor
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  • Premier Partner
  • eCommerce Specialist
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