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Weird Search Queries: If the Best of the Worst Were Real Display Ads

Whilst only Google themselves know the full range of horrors contained within the 3.5 billion queries it processes daily, in the marvellous world of PPC account management we get an insight into what people were, and are, searching for. And it seems some of you have been searching for some very odd things indeed…

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Google Shopping Ads on Gmail: What We Know So Far

Just when you thought advertising on Google had reached its capacity, enter Shopping Ads on Gmail – the latest place for advertisers to reach potential customers. 

On February 6th, Google officially announced that they would be expanding standard Shopping ads to Gmail. With Gmail already being a significant part of an individual’s shopping journey used by over a billion people worldwide, this seems like a reasonably smart move. 

Practical PPC: When to Use Google Smart Shopping Campaigns and When to Avoid Them

As consumers, we just accept it, don’t we? ‘£10 Minimum Card Spend’. But why? Well, because the retailer gets charged by the card issuer – about 40p per transaction for a small shop to be more precise. But why? That’s four percent of your tenner! What costs does that cover? Why do they change so much?

The answer, of course, is ‘because they can’.  Visa and Mastercard have a 96% market share between them. They don’t even need to conspire together: as long as both of them play it safe and don’t cut their fees, they can go on making obscene profits and the consumers and retailers will just keep on paying.  

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Why Keywords Won’t be as Important for Paid Search Campaigns in 2020

Once upon a time, keywords and their match type were fundamental to the success of paid search campaigns. But long gone are the days of building search campaigns with keyword research only! These days, advertisers have a wide range of targeting tools to play with that don’t include keywords which leaves us wondering… what keywords?

Z Generation

Generation Z and How to Engage Them Online: As Told By a Gen Z

Generation Z is on the rise. It does sound more like a zombie invasion than anything and to be fair, we may scare the hell out of you. However, if Generation Z hasn’t been included in your marketing strategy, it might be a good time to start.

Generation Z are defined as being born in the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. Being born in 1996, I find myself technically as an elder of this generation and I’m here to tell you about how to engage us, and why you should.


Helen Joins the SEO Team!

Boom are very pleased to welcome on board new SEO Account Manager, Helen. Well versed in many areas of the digital marketing industry, Helen has definitely found her spot.