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Fancy a Drink?

Sorry, we’re not usually that forward; we are serious about that drink though…

A Beginners Guide to Learning PPC: Nine Tips

Moving into PPC can be a little daunting for beginners; Amy uses her experiences from her first few months of working on the Pay Per Click side of things to give you some tips on how to make the learning process a bit easier!

The Power Of Distraction In a Digital Age

We have more choice today than ever before; Amy looks at how this is affecting our lives and our happiness, and what marketers need to do to capture the attention of a distracted audience.

Pinterest Launches Place Pins: What Does this Mean for Marketers?

Pinterest is evolving at a rapid rate, with the addition of recipe pins, product pins, and article pins this year alone! One month after they announced promoted pins, they’ve just launched place pins. Amy Fowler explores exactly what place pins are, and how marketers can make the most of these addictive new pins.

Hashtags in #Marketing

Whether we’re tweeting, posting pictures on Instagram, or even in status’ on Facebook and updates on Google+ we just can’t escape the hashtag! Today Gozde talks you through some of the best, and worst, examples of hashtags in marketing and offers tips and advice for avoiding hashtag fails!

750+ Killer CTAs to Make Your Ads Sell

Not quite sure how to phrase the calls to action in your ads? Let Katie help you with a mega list of (almost) all the CTAs you could ever want to test in your ad copy.

Nyan Cat

Making A Viral Video

Looking to make a viral video? Ben offers his advice on what works and how to make a video that gets views.