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TwentyCi Case Study

Delivering Quality Conversions using the Digital Marketing Mix 

Covering a broad range of digital marketing services, Boom Online work with TwentyCi to bring in highly relevant and meaningful conversions. 

The Client

TwentyCi helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers through data-driven insights. They do this by providing UK residential property data, analytics & insight for marketing and other key strategic purposes.

Photo of a smiling young couple thanking to the agent for the new house. Homeowners receiving their new house keys.

The Challenge

Quality conversions and improved content

As TwentyCi seek to work with large businesses, each conversion takes time to secure but can be very high net worth. With this in mind, it’s not all about gaining more traffic and conversions. We’re challenged in a different way.

Our key aims are:

  • Improving the quality of conversions to support their business goals.
  • Increasing the website content to make key service areas more visible and accessible.
  • Utilising the marketing mix to support key services and messages.


What We Did

Working across a range of digital marketing services, we have created a regular content plan that maintains touchpoints with potential customers and reaches new prospects. 

SEO & Content:

  • We created new, optimised service and sector pages to improve website performance for users and search engines.
  • We created a content calendar based on long-tail keyword-targeted articles to increase qualified search traffic.
  • We supported the refresh of the ‘Mover Alerts’ website.
  • We carry out regular SEO-focused copywriting and on-page optimisation to support keyword and content strategy.
  • We carry out brand listening and maximise the opportunities presented via outreach and promotion.
  • We’re working together on creative solutions for content marketing and link acquisition.

Email Marketing

  • We support their content strategy with regular, targeted email marketing.
  • We maintain relationships through regular contact with subscribers.
  • We support the brand in communicating its industry knowledge and expertise.


  • We protect the TwentyCi brand.
  • We gain quality leads through competitor targeting and remarketing.
  • We improve brand awareness and get leads as a residential property data agency.

The Results

Given our focus on quality rather than quantity, the results are difficult to measure in figures only. Instead, the proof is in the relevance of the leads we generate through our digital marketing mix.

We have definitely seen an upturn in the quality and volume of incoming enquiries. The PPC, SEO & content strategy is achieving cut through with the right audiences.

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Nick McConnell, Commercial Director


Looking Ahead

We remain in close partnership with the innovative team at TwentyCi, helping to support them in maintaining customer relationships through digital marketing and acquiring the right type of new business. We look forward to scaling up with this exciting and insightful business.  

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  • Improve conversion quality
  • Improve website content

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