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Image Search Like It’s 1999

Google’s new search by image feature may sound exciting, but we’re not impressed. We’ve tested how good it is using three high profile and visually similar people – David Milliband, Will Critchlow and Novak Djokovic.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is being branded as the new SEO, but what is it? Robert offers an insight into Conversion Rate Optimisation and how you can get more from your existing traffic.

Image Optimisation: A Beginner’s Guide

Working on your website’s SEO? Don’t forget to optimise your images for SEO. Not only are optimised images are a feature of SEO-friendly sites, but also they give you extra chances to rank in Google’s Universal Search, when images, videos and more appear on page one.

Five Ways You Will Lose Your ‘Likes’

Facebook is arguably the number one tool for social media marketing. However lots of businesses are taking a blind leap of faith into the Facebook world and are executing campaigns that either succeed initially then for whatever reason falter, or that never even get off the ground.

For those who are making a success of a Facebook campaign, here are five potential ways you could destroy it – and how to make sure you don’t!

PPC Secrets: Writing Successful Ads

Is your Pay Per Click performance underwhelming? Review your ads. Writing great copy can be the difference between a outstanding success and an advertising fail. If you think your adverts may be killing your account, try our professional PPC secrets for writing successful ads.

Keyword Research

Start your online campaign on the right foot by taking the time to do effective keyword research. See how getting the right keywords will focus your campaign and generate a better return on investment.

Google Instant: The Death of SEO?

There is a lot of chitter chatter going on in the world of Search Engine Optimisation regarding Google’s latest venture; Google Instant. A quick look at the blogosphere and forums reveals concern from across the globe that the new search enhancement (which shows results as you type) could signal the death of SEO.