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Call Tracking: Closing The Online Conversion Loop

Mr Boombastic on the phoneOne of the biggest issues we face in measuring the effects of what we do is tracking conversions from website visitors to business opportunities, whether that is an email enquiry to a client, a sale online or perhaps most frequently, a telephone call. As you can appreciate, it’s much harder to track which source of website traffic generated a phone call than anything that happens online, as callers rarely give accurate information as to how they found the website, how many times they have visited or what pages they looked at. Moreover, even if they did, tying that information into your web analytics data would be virtually impossible by hand!

So, we’re extremely pleased to launch our call tracking solution, which is capable of reporting every call as a conversion, recording whether the call was a lead or a sale, recording the call itself for playback later and reporting conversion data into Google Analytics and AdWords, including keywords, traffic sources, pages viewed and all the other information you find in Analytics. Some of our clients will be already be aware of (and are using!) our call tracking software, but we wanted to announce it to the world, especially as we have a shiny new document explaining it all, starring Mr Boombastic!

You can find out more about call tracking here, which includes pricing information and frequently asked questions about the technical side of how it all works (clue: very simple! 🙂 ) In a nutshell, these are the main benefits of our call tracking software:

  • Understand where all leads and sales come from online, not just when your contact form or online checkout is used.
  • Integrate directly with Google Analytics, so you can see every Analytics report in relation to the calls you received, from search keywords to pages viewed and everything in-between. Calls are reported as a separate Goal, with additional Goals for leads and sales.
  • Login to the call reporting system for information on call lengths, missed calls and even listen back to calls.
  • View the visitor journey and see at what point the call occurred (including post-visit).
  • See where calls come from with the Location report.
  • Use the system to track “fixed” numbers for other forms of marketing, online or offline. For example, choose a number and assign it to a print advert, Facebook ad or directory entry.
  • Get email alerts to missed calls with the reason they were missed and the caller’s number.

If you’re interested in seeing how call tracking could work for you, contact us today 

Ian Lockwood

Ian Lockwood

Ian has been optimising websites since 1998 and founded Boom in 2010. If not in front of a computer, he’s likely to be behind the wheel of a car or holding a guitar. Not simultaneously.View Author posts

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