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Ian Lockwood

Ian has been optimising websites since 1998 and founded Boom in 2010. If not in front of a computer, he’s likely to be behind the wheel of a car or holding a guitar. Not simultaneously.

Google logo on a laptop

What Google’s Natural Language Processing Means for Content Ranking and How to Use It Effectively

Natural Language Processing has been revolutionary. It’s transformed the way Google analyses and understands the text on a web page, and while keywords are still an integral part of SEO, machine learning has come a long way from the early days of basic word counting. Algorithms now teach themselves how to better understand the user, what you’re searching for and ultimately, what the best results will be for your search query. It’s all about user experience.

Boom Is In The Creative Class 2016

Boom have been included in the Creative Class 2016, celebrating Nottingham’s creative and innovative culture and demonstrating what a great place Nottingham is to do business.

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