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Corporate Blogging Tips

Blogging is a great activity for any business to become involved with, it is relatively easy to start and if done properly will benefit your organisation on many levels. Doing it properly, is the stumbling block for many organisations. Running a decent blog is not as easy as it would initially seem and requires a degree of planning and forethought. However the benefits far outweigh the efforts involved which is why a blog should always be an important part of your online activities.

Your company blog is a crucial part of your online presence as it gives you a chance to showcase your areas of expertise and connect with your customers. Handily a decent blog also provides some much needed original content to satisfy the search engines and enhance your domain authority. Your posts will act as bait for links and well written “keyword rich” content will attract traffic from search engines, these efforts will add value to the work your SEO agency is performing.

Make sure your blog is part of your website and not on a separate URL.

It is a common mistake to create a whole new site for a company blog, especially if it is an afterthought. This is a mistake on three levels, firstly on pure SEO terms you want your domain to benefit from all the links your blog will encourage, if your blog is on a different domain you won’t get the benefit. Secondly it will be much harder for your customers to find all the interesting information you are taking the time to publish if it is not on your main site. Finally a good blog that deals with issues that your customers are interested in will enhance the relevance of your site. Google loves good quality content so make sure your blog is able to augment all your other SEO efforts.


What should I be blogging?

Try to think like a customer when writing articles for your blog. Providing interesting useful information is the name of the game, the details of an internal re-structure may well be less than enthralling to anyone outside your company. The opening of a new store or a new product launch will still be of interest to your customers but to get to the nitty gritty and provide the kind of articles that people might genuinely value and share, you are going to have to work a little harder.

To give you ideas for blog posts speak to your sales team and your customer services representatives, they will have a clear idea of what your customers are interested in (they may even be able to write them for you). A SEO agency would advise you to keep an eye on your Facebook wall to see what your customers are talking about: requests for information or technical help, interesting/new uses for your products, complaints, these are all great subjects for your blog posts.

Avoid PR and marketing.

Trying to sell to your readers will turn them straight off. Instead you should be looking to showcase your areas of expertise and add value for your readers, this will help you create a following and increase opportunities for your content to be shared.

Don’t forget your SEO.

Writing for your own site is a perfect chance to use your keywords and also for you to link to relevant parts of your own site and other external bodies.  Have a look at Google analytics and find out what kind of terms your customers are searching on and SEO agency to take advantage.

Promote your blog.

As previously mentioned, your blog is an important part of your website so should be promoted as widely as possible. You shouldn’t need a social media agency to tell you that as well as signposting it on your site make sure you are bookmarking your blog posts and promoting them on Twitter and Facebook. It is extremely important that you respond swiftly comments and in a personable way.

Keep up the momentum.

This is perhaps the hardest part of having a blog – maintaining it, so get your employees on board and share the duties out. Doing so will enable you to keep the blog regularly updated as well as providing a variety of opinions from the different voices within your organisation.

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