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14 Awesome Ideas for Super Awesome Business Facebook Posts

Stuck for ideas for your next Facebook post? No problem; here’s 14 great ideas for super awesome and super, super engaging Facebook posts!

This is a pretty lengthy post though (for your own benefit, of course), so if you want to skip to a particular section, just use the menu below!

1. Link To Something Cool

2. Share Some Trivia

3. Let Your Artistic Side Shine Through

4. Let Your Inner Spielberg Out

5. Ask Questions

6. Get Quizzical

7. Run a Competition

8. Post a Poll

9. Share News Stories

10. Share and Share Alike

11. Talk About Your Company

Link to Something Cool

A news article, an internet meme, a super cool infographic – if it looks cool, and you think your fans might appreciate it, then link to it!

facebook cool link

Share Some Trivia

People like trivia. They can tell their friends about it later and it makes them feel intelligent. So share a cool fact or statistic.

Increase the engagement factor by asking it as a question – i.e. ‘Which crazy cat loving celebrity owns over 1000 cats and kittens?’

Let Your Artistic Side Shine Through

And share images; the funnier the better. Interesting or just downright weird is pretty good too. In fact, images have been proven to be the number 1 MOST engaging type of Facebook post, plus, Facebook’s timelines are geared towards being very image focused. So use them. Lots. Want some inspiration? Take a look at the King and Queen of witty images, Innocent Drinks.

innocent bear

Let Your Inner Spielberg Out

And share videos. If you’re able to make your own videos, even better (and don’t just put them on your Facebook page, upload them to YouTube too). However, whether you’re sharing a video you’ve written, directed, and starred in yourself, or whether it’s just something interesting or informative you’ve found on the Tube – videos are high up there in the engagement stakes, so make for a great status update.

Don’t forget to comment on why people should watch it, and encourage some engagement by asking for a ‘like’ or a ‘share’.

 video post example

Ask Questions

People love to talk about themselves, it’s human nature, so to get your fans talking, ask them a question.

It’s a good idea to remember to use the W’s when asking questions – i.e. would you eat bacon-flavour chocolate? Where are you going on holiday? Why does it always rain on me?

Get Quizzical


Most of us love to pass the time with a quick quiz or a mind-boggling puzzle, with loads of big brands (and smaller brands) adopting this idea on Facebook. The key however, is to not make your puzzles too taxing. People rarely hang around on an individual page for long, so you need to make the quiz enticing enough for people to want to participate, while easy enough that they can get involved in only a minute or two.

Here’s a few suggestions for ‘quiz’ style posts:

Caption Time

Find an amusing and thought-provoking photo and ask your fans to think up their best caption. You could also pick a winner, and thank them for their contribution (everyone likes to be a winner!).

caption comp


This is where you post a sentence, with one or two words blanked out. Your fans have to fill in the blanks. The more creative the better, and if you can offer lots of scope for your fans to be super-creative too, then even better.

fill in the blank

Guess What/Where/Who

This is where you post a photo and ask your fans to decipher what it is. It might be a picture of a famous monument, a minor (or long forgotten) celebrity, or a product on your site. You can also distort the picture.

Remember, make it challenging enough that it’s worth doing (i.e. a picture of the Eiffel Tower is probably a little too easy) but not so difficult that no-one will bother trying to answer.


Alternatively, if you’ve got a big news story coming up, post a picture to illustrate what the story could be, and get your fans to guess. This is a great way to build some momentum and excitement towards a big announcement. Take a look at how Sony Ericsson did just that here.

Just Ask a Question

Something like this:


Run a Competition

Everyone loves free stuff, because well, it’s free, and, it’s stuff. But no one wants to give away stuff for no reason (unless you’re actually just that nice – and if you are, the Boom address is at the bottom of this page – just make sure to send it to ‘Amy Fowler’).  So, what do you get out of giving away free stuff (besides feeling all warm and fuzzy inside)?

Well, not only is it a great way of getting people to interact with your company page, but if you make ‘liking’ your page a condition of entry, you’ll see the number of ‘likes’ on your page skyrocket too. Woohoo.

However, don’t start celebrating too soon – there is a catch.

Facebook doesn’t want to just let you run a competition on your page. No, that would be too easy.

If you want to run a competition directly on your page, you need to run the whole thing through a fancy application (which means getting it designed and implemented – a costly proposition if you’re a small business trying to make ends meet), and you have to make sure you abide by all these rules (scroll down to the bottom section – E. Promotions).

But thankfully, there is a way around this. You just need to run the competition on your website. You can still make ‘liking’ your Facebook page a condition of entry; you just aren’t hosting the competition through Facebook. It’s a separate entity and as it stands, Facebook haven’t given this the thumbs down just yet.

So how would this work?

  • Create a page on your site for the competition.
  • Ideally, ask a question (something that might involve entrants searching on your site or Facebook page is ideal), and either have an entry form they need to fill out, or just get them to send in an email.
  • Make sure to mention that in order to be included in the draw, they need to go and ‘like’ your Facebook page. When you draw a winner, you just need to check that they are in fact a fan of your page, and if not, you pick another winner.
  • Include some competition terms and conditions. There’s a good sample set here which you can edit to fit the needs of your own competition.

What about the prize?

Oh yes, the elusive prize. Ideally, you should pick something related to your brand and what you offer – this ensures that most of your entrants will genuinely be interested in what your company do and you won’t gain hundreds (or thousands) of Facebook likes from people who you will never  have a chance of actually turning into a customer.

For example, if you specialise in home improvements, don’t offer an iPad as a prize. Who knows if those that enter will even own a home? Most of them probably won’t.

Promoting your competition:

It’s all well and good running a competition, but how are you going to get anything out of it if no one knows it exists?

Make sure to submit your competition to the following sites, and you should be flooded with entries:



Money Saving Expert

Post a Poll

People like polls – even if there’s no determinable reason why it’s there.

You can host a poll in two ways. First of all, you could just ask the question, and let people answer as a comment. I’d recommend illustrating your poll with a pretty picture. See here:


Alternatively you can use Facebook’s question tool to host an all-singing, all-dancing, almost-professional Facebook poll.

To do this, go to the page you want to host the poll on. At the top, right hand side of the page, you should click on ‘edit page’. You should now see a drop down menu that looks something like this:


Click on ‘use Facebook as your page name’. So in this case, I would click on ‘Use Facebook as Boom Online Marketing’.

Next, go to your news feed. You can do this by clicking the Facebook logo in the top left hand corner of the page.

You should see the option to ‘ask question’. Click it.

click it

Now you’re able to create a poll. Happy days.

You can also use a poll to carry out a sneaky little bit of market research.

Share News Stories

Have a long, hard think about your target market and what sort of things they might be interested in. Heard something on the grapevine that your customers might want to hear about? Then share it! Again, don’t forget to comment on it yourselves, and include a ‘call to action’ for engagement.

news stories

Share and Share Alike

Shhh, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but if you’re really stuck for something to post, you can ‘share’ something someone else has posted!

Not only does this help to jazz up your Facebook page with some great content, but other people/brands/businesses love it when you share their stuff.

So how do you do this? First of all, you should be ‘liking’ other pages, as your brand, on Facebook.

To make sure when you click ‘like’ the ‘like’ comes from your company and not you, you need to change who you’re using Facebook as. See again, this image:


Once you’re ‘liking’ other pages, when you see something you want to share, just click the ‘share’ button and away you go!


Talk About Your Company

You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned talking about ‘your company’ throughout this at all, and that’s because, well, we’re supposed to be being social, and what’s social about talking about yourself all the time?

However, if you’re managing to engage your fans with lots of supercool, interactive and engaging posts, you can say something about your company, and they’re far more likely to listen!

And there are a few company related posts that your fans will love to hear about. Offering a discount code? Great – shout really loud about it. Giving all your stock away because you’ve decided money doesn’t matter and you want to restart your life in a hippy commune? They’ll probably be pretty receptive to that one too (but you might want sleep on it).

Either way, of course at the end of the day this Facebook page is for your business and about your business, so you need to be sure to retain your brand identity and remind your fans of just what it is you do now and again.

So you’ve made it to the end of my post. First of all, thank you for reading. Second of all, if you’ve enjoyed it/found it beneficial, I would be much appreciative if you’d be so kind as to click the ‘like’ button and/or that elusive +1 button. You could even Tweet it, or vote for it on Inbound.

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