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The Alternative Top 12 Internet Marketing Tweeters

Who do you follow on Twitter? Why?

Here at Boom we’re fed up of reading lists telling us to follow Rand Fishkin, Aaron Wall and Danny Sullivan. Yes, those guys are great, but so are lots of others. So we’ve compiled our list of top internet marketing tweeters that you should follow – mainstream guys need not apply:

1. @paddymoogan

paddy-mooganLots of communication and some informative links mixed in with bags of personality. Well worth a follow.

2. @jamesagate

James Agate

James is always engaging with others while tweeting lots of very helpful stuff, including some good articles of his own.  Also has a cool icon in place of his face, and a bit of a mystery surrounding what he really looks like (can’t find a photo of him anywhere!)

3. @Mel66Melissa Mackey

Mel is a constant source of advice, inspiration and “why didn’t I think of that?” PPC posts. She’s also lovely and willing to help out a fellow PPCer in need.

4. @wayneb77Wayne Barker

Want a steady flow of awesome in your Twitter stream? Add Wayne – he shares awesome things to read 24/7 (or so it seems).

5. @Koozai_MikeMike Essex

One of the friendliest guys in SEO. He shares good advice and helps people to get stuff for free. Enough said.

6. @OffTheWallPost

Off the wall post

The twitter feed for the brilliant Off the Wall podcast, which mixes chat on the latest in digital marketing with the outing of horrendous marketing speak in their hilarious section “wanky words”. Caution: submit a wanky word at your peril lest ye get served for using wanky words yourself. I learnt by bitter experience.

7. @Dr_Pete


Like a side helping of wit with your internet marketing geekery? Dr Pete is your man. I have been known to collapse in fits of hysterics on reading his posts for SEOmoz – and I come back to them time and time again for their genuinely useful and actionable advice.

8. @iNeils

Neil SorensonAh, Neil, the man who brought Google to his knees with the power of petitions. Sort of. Remember how Google reversed their terrible ad rotation changes? Neil was the man who started the online petition that helped twist their arms. His tweets are good too.

9. @wiepWiep

A bilingual tweeter. I don’t speak Dutch so I can’t vouch for all his tweets, but in English he’s all kinds of awesome and shares great link building tips.

10. @Realicity James Svoboda

Not only does James host the weekly #CROchat but he’s also been known to take the lead on #PPCchat when @Matt_Umbro can’t do the honours. One to follow if PPC or conversions are your bag.

11. @fantomasterRalph

I nominate Ralph not for his wealth of SEO experience but for his fantastic sense of humour. That said, if you are looking for someone with a wealth of SEO experience, he’s got that covered too.

And to finish, here’s what Boom’s Robert Deans had to say about his top tweeter, conversion rate optimisation expert, Bryan Eisenberg:

12. @TheGrok


Bryan is by far the person who has influenced me the most over recent years. His thoughts and previous work at Future Now Inc have inspired my love for Conversion Rate Optimisation CRO. CRO has only recently become a mainstream part of internet marketing, however Bryan has been at the forefront of CRO for years now. The things I learnt from him a number of years ago are still relevant and things we use today.

Want to follow all these Tweeters? We’ve created a Twitter list so you can follow the entire top 12 with a single click.

Have we missed your favourite tweeter? Tell us who’s on your list and why – we might even add them to our Twitter list.

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