A Fair Number Of IFTTT Recipes To Make The Life Of An Online Marketer Easier

We all know that automation is bad, right? Setting something on autopilot and just letting it run can often lead to disastrous results.

Smart (and selective) automation on the other hand can help to improve productivity and allow you to focus your energies elsewhere.

I am a big fan of IFTTT, and use it to automate tasks for certain parts of my job, leaving me free to get on with other things. But WTF is IFTTT?

The creators of IFTTT describe it as putting the internet to work for you.


It is made up of channels (71 and counting) that you activate.


From there you create recipes based on triggers and actions.


Basically when one trigger from a channel is activated, it creates an action in another.

There is a wide range of recipes that you can create to make your work that little bit easier, and with a bit of creativity, you can create a series of these recipes that will work for both personal, and business use.

Check out this recent presentation from Wil Reynolds to see how a little creativity can go a long way to helping you as an SEO or online marketer.

Getting started with IFTTT is easy. As a guy that likes to dig through stuff and pick out the best bits, I have curated some of the most useful recipes I could find (there are tens of thousands of them on the site). What follows are some recipes that you can use to get you started with IFTTT – most of which have got some relation to the world of SEO and online marketing.

IFTTT Recipes for SEO


IFTTT Recipe: Google Alerts to Read later notebook in Evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Ffffound To Evernote

Notes: Allows you to have a archive of potential images for blog posts – tage them correctly on a regular basis and you are on to a winner.

IFTTT Recipe: MozCast rainy Google ... better get a jacket

Notes: Enter your email address and this is good to go! Why not also include some rankings to keep an eye on? If so ctrl c/ctrl v and change the keyword: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=KEYWORD&pws=0 (remember + for spaces)

IFTTT Recipes for Business

IFTTT Recipe: #Daily #goals

Notes: Creates a daily note for your daily goals. Users can create checkbox or bullet point task list.

IFTTT Recipe: Add incoming 'Receipts' to a Receipt Spreadsheet (w/ first Attachment!)

Notes: This Recipe searches for incoming Gmail with the word “Receipt” or “Order” in the subject. When it spots a new one, it adds a row to your Receipt Spreadsheet along with its first Attachment! Automated organization, cool. IFTTT Recipe: Add meeting minutes to Evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Save all your Gmail Attachments to Dropbox

Notes: Edit the Dropbox folder path to your liking!

IFTTT Recipe: Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

IFTTT Recipe: Send amazon.com confirmation receipts to Evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Label a mail 'ToDo' to add it to Trello

Notes: Trello > Boards > Menu > Settings > Email Settings

IFTTT Recipes for Blogging


IFTTT Recipe: From WP post to Facebook page

Notes: Post something in your WordPress Blog and send it automatically to your FB page

IFTTT Recipe: Blog archive

IFTTT Recipe: Archive Blogger to Evernote

IFTTT Recipes for Social Media



IFTTT Recipe: Ultimate Cool Links Sharer

IFTTT Recipe: bitly log to Evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Save my #bitly links to a #spreadsheet on #google #drive

IFTTT Recipe: Buffer your Bitmarks

IFTTT Recipe: Pinterest Feed to Bit.ly bitmark.

Notes: Replace username (“thatgirlcrystal”) in Pinterest link with your own. Replace “feed” with specific boards or leave it as it is for all pins. I’m personally using this recipe to track my pins for a ‘This Week In Links’ feature on my website.

IFTTT Recipe: #Pocket favourites to #Bitly


IFTTT Recipe: If I buffer a link for Twitter, put it on Tumblr too

IFTTT Recipe: Using Google Alerts to keep your Buffer filled.

IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr likes are posted to buffer

Notes: New tumblr likes will be posted to buffer

IFTTT Recipe: When article read on Pocket, send to Buffer

IFTTT Recipe: Any new post on my blog, then add to Twitter Buffer

Notes: Automatically publishing my blog posts on scheduled tweets at optimized hours.

IFTTT Recipe: Create a Buffer record spreadsheet for all Buffer Tweets


IFTTT Recipe: Track Foursquare check-ins (w/ Maps) in a Google Drive Spreadsheet

Notes: This recipe will add a row to a Google Spreadsheet for every new check-in; maps included!


IFTTT Recipe: Youtube favorites to facebook page

IFTTT Recipe: Storify

IFTTT Recipe: RSS to Facebook brand page

Notes: I wrote a PHP script that makes an RSS feed from news items in my site’s database. This recipe checks the feed and posts new items to the site’s facebook page.

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram onto Facebook Page

Notes: Instagram doesn’t seem to allow uploading directly on Facebook PAGES, only personal walls.

IFTTT Recipe: If new Pinterest post, then upload a photo from URL to FB Page.


IFTTT Recipe: feedly saves to pocket > hootsuite autoschedule

IFTTT Recipe: If Google + then HootSuite. W00t W00t

Notes: Go to https://gplusrss.com/ and follow instructions. Then copy the rss feed link to the trigger.

IFTTT Recipe: New article in Feedly category sent to Hootsuite autoschedule

Google +

IFTTT Recipe: Google Plus To Facebook

IFTTT Recipe: Google Plus to Twitter w/ link to post


IFTTT Recipe: Post Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures. A solution to the Twitter/Instagram feud.

IFTTT Recipes for Evernote


IFTTT Recipe: Twitter Fav -> Evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Create link notes in Evernote from Feedly articles saved for later

IFTTT Recipe: Create a Evernote Journal of tumblr likes

IFTTT Recipes for Improving Your Brain and Life


IFTTT Recipe: Email a random #Wikipedia article to #Gmail every day to increase my knowledge

IFTTT Recipe: read later reminder

IFTTT Recipes For Entertainment – its not all work 😉


IFTTT Recipe: iTunes Receipts to Evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Post office tunes to Campfire

IFTTT Recipe: Receive an email when a NYT Technology article becomes popular

IFTTT Recipe: When a new book is added to the NY Times Best Sellers List, send me an email

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