Defining Your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2015

Mobile commerce is developing quickly. here’s a run down of the key aspects marketers should be addressing in 2015 to keep ahead of the curve.

The Mystery of The Phantom Facebook Likes

A look at the mystery of phantom ‘likes’ showing on website pages promoted via Facebook Ads….

What Boom Have Been Reading: March 2015

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What Boom Have Been Reading: February 2015 Edition

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30 Reasons Digital Marketing is Like Old School Nintendo

Ever wished you could just play video games all day long? Well, if you squint hard enough SEO starts to look a lot like playing Nintendo…

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Using Mailchimp to Plan a Party or Wedding

Digital marketing tools don’t have to be saved just for the office. Today Claire walks you through how to use Mailchimp to plan and organise parties – or even weddings!

Boom Welcomes New Junior Account Manager

When searching for an Account Manager we came across Jordan who really impressed the Directors at Boom. Jordan started here a month ago and is really getting into the swing of things! We’re very happy to welcome our new Junior Account Manager, Jordan Piano, to our team. Jordan graduated with a First Class degree with […]

Boom Welcomes New Digital Outreach and PR Specialist

Boom have decided to integrate their online and offline PR and have hired a Digital Outreach and PR Specialist. We’re very happy to welcome Nada Giuffrida to our ever growing team! Nada has over 20 years’ experience in the PR, media relations and strategic client management work. She has worked for all types of PR […]

What Boom Have Been Reading: December 2014 Edition

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