What Boom Have Been Reading: January 2016 Edition

January has been keeping us on our toes, the SERPs have been volatile as Google ‘perhaps’ start to roll out changes they have been working on for some time. Take a look at some of our favourite articles below if you need filling in on everything that’s been happening. We’ve also found you some of […]

Boom Welcomes New Digital Marketing Apprentice!

Boom are welcoming their new Digital Marketing Apprentice, Rhea Walker!

What Boom Have Been Reading: December 2015 Edition

Welcome to 2016! We hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations and you’re ready to get stuck in to the working day, bringing yourself right up to date with all the latest digital marketing news. Or maybe you just need a good excuse to make a cuppa and spend a few quiet minutes […]

An Alternative Approach To Testing Ad Copy

It sometimes feels like I’m trying to swim in an avalanche, in constant danger of drowning in the sea of innovations which keep the good people at Google in work. Black Friday Structured Snippets, Customer Match Remarketing, Customisable Ads, Analytics Calculated Metrics, Shopping Ads on YouTube… All of which can easily distract your hardworking PPC […]

Boom Welcomes New Web Developer

Adam Dennis has joined the Boom team as our new Web Designer and we couldn’t be happier!

Bing Shopping Campaigns vs Google Shopping Campaigns

Bing has been one step behind Google for so long now that their roll-out of Shopping campaigns at the end of the summer was no big surprise. And while they’ve done their upmost to ensure the easy transfer of campaigns from AdWords, some of the blogs I’ve read did not sum up completely how to […]

What Boom Have Been Reading: November 2015 Edition

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been and gone and some of the top retailers have already reported record breaking sales. There has been an awful lot going on in the world of digital marketing so sit back, relax and enjoy these top picks from the Boom Team. Google Keyword Planner’s Dirty Secrets […]

Boom Steps Ahead With Shoe Zone

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to our client roster, footwear retailer Shoe Zone.

Lorem Whatserm?

In need of some industry-specific placeholder text? Pete’s created just the tool for you…

What Boom Have Been Reading: October Edition

In October there were suggestions of a Google Algorithm Update, research into mobile ranking factors was released and Google opened up remarketing lists to PLAs and local inventory ads. This month’s round up brings you some up to date link building tactics, top PPC hacks, emotional marketing and lots, lots more. The Ultimate Guide to […]