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Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Apps That Will Increase Productivity

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Updated 4th September 2018

Keyboard shortcuts are useful for increasing productivity and efficiency on a daily basis. As busy digital marketers and online shop owners we all know there are never enough hours in the day, and saving a little time here and there can have huge benefits when it comes to productivity.

However, the nature of our work means that we also use a variety of different programmes regularly, each with their own individual functions and unique set of shortcuts. It can be difficult to find out what these are, let alone remember them. That’s why we’ve created a useful tool that shows you the most amazing shortcuts for popular apps and tools such as Facebook, Trello and WordPress. You can take a look at it here. 

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, we’ve got you covered. Just choose your operating system and away you go.

Take a look at the list below to find your favourite social networks, organization tools, email clients as well as website and blog software. When you’ve found something you’d like to explore, our interactive keyboard tool will help you to visualise exactly what to press, enabling you to process and learn each shortcut much more quickly. You’ll be getting things done faster than you know it!

Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter

How many times a day do you compose a new tweet, send a tweet, re-tweet? Keep on top of twitter with simple shortcuts to supercharge your efforts.

If tweeting is your thing, why not keep the Twitter keyboard shortcuts PDF to hand.

Twitter keyboard shortcuts

Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

Facebook can be a time suck so focus your efforts and use shortcuts to jump between home, time line, search and more in an instant.

If you use Facebook regularly and want to keep a shortcut list for reference, why not download the Facebook keyboard shortcuts PDF.

Evernote keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Evernote

Everything’s in Evernote. Engineer it easily.

Keep the Evernote keyboard shortcuts in reach by downloading it in printable form.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Trello

You’re already organising everything with Trello. Now do it faster! Create new cards in a flash, move cards with a nudge, quick edit with the touch of a button.

Download Trello shortcuts as a PDF.

Trello keyboard shortcuts

GMail keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

It’s widely recognised that email can kill productivity, so don’t let it! Get on top of Gmail shortcuts and pair this with other productivity tips like setting specific times to check your emails rather than checking constantly. You’ll be surprised how much time you save.

Keep a handy reminder of Gmail shortcuts by saving a PDF version.

Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube

Don’t get drawn in to unnecessary You Tube viewing. Use shortcuts to jump to the bits you actually need, focusing on valuable content.

Keep the power in your fingertips by saving the YouTube shortcuts PDF somewhere accessible.

Youtube keyboard shortcuts

Google Calendar keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar

Shortcut your way to calendar domination. Quick add, search, and find event details. Manage multiple, busy Google Calendars like a boss.

You’ll be so efficient the actual boss might not even realise you’ve scheduled yourself out for an afternoon a week with all the time you’ve been saving 😉

Keep the PDF cheat sheet with you at all times.

Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress

Edit, format, approve and more. Manage a WordPress blog or site like a magician.

Make sure your abilities don’t disappear by saving the shortcuts on PDF.

Wordpress keyboard shortcuts

With all this in hand you’ll wonder why you ever needed a mouse. Keep those digits on the keys and shortcut your way to getting everything done ahead of schedule.

Which keyboard shortcuts are your favourite? Can you suggest any that we forgot to mention, or any apps you’d like to see covered? Leave us a comment to let us know.

Claire Brain

Claire Brain

Claire gained her varied digital marketing experience through leading the online marketing for an ecommerce start-up, and joined Boom in 2014 to specialise in SEO. In her time as an account manager, she has managed a variety of SEO accounts for both B2C and B2B clients. She leads the SEO Copywriting team.View Author posts

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