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Claire Brain

Claire gained her varied digital marketing experience through leading the online marketing for an ecommerce start-up, and joined Boom in 2014 to specialise in SEO. In her time as an account manager, she has managed a variety of SEO accounts for both B2C and B2B clients. She leads the SEO Copywriting team.

Will AI Replace Copywriters in SEO? - Boom Online Marketing

Will AI Replace Copywriters in SEO?

In today’s world, the prospect of using artificial intelligence, or AI, for copywriting is very real. There are some fabulous tools available to make writing quicker and easier. But are these tools about to replace human copywriters and take over the world?! Let’s find out.

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6 Free Tools to Improve SEO Copywriting for Google’s Natural Language Processing

Search engines are becoming better at understanding the meaning behind the text we write. Copywriting isn’t about keywords anymore. It’s about topics and relationships between entities. Search engines like Google are using natural language processing (NLP) to process and analyse language data, and as SEO copywriters we need to understand how this affects the way we write.

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