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Amy Hunt

Amy started out as a Digital Marketing Executive here at Boom in late 2016, graduating in 2018 to Digital Marketing Client Manager and then to Head of Outreach & Digital PR at the beginning of 2021. Amy works on various digital marketing projects for different clients, focusing on SEO, content marketing and outreach.

CTR Improvements

Introducing CTRO: Click-Through Rate Optimisation

Most people judge whether a page is performing well or not within Analytics; how many visits a page is getting, how many people are converting and so on. However, before we even get to that stage there is the biggest wasted opportunity of all…

marketing tragedy half mast

Marketing Tragedy

  • Amy Hunt 

Amy Elliott looks at how companies have used natural disasters and tragedy to try and leverage their social media following and offers helpful tips for how best to deal with tragedy on social media.

Cursor clicking on a browser back button

Return-to-SERPs Clicks: The Biggest Search Diss

  • Amy Hunt 

After all that hard work to push your site up the rankings, you want to make sure that visitors arriving on your site don’t hit the back button. Anthony Pensabene joins us to share his top tips for avoiding those dreaded return to SERP clicks.

Understanding Youtube Analytics - Boom Online Marketing

Understanding YouTube Analytics

Venturing into the world of video marketing? You’ll need to know how analytics works in Youtube – find out the basics from Ben here.

Marketing 101: Niche Marketing vs Mass Marketing

Our Marketing 101 series continues with a comparison of the two marketing techniques: niche and mass marketing. Gozde Kar outlines what they are and companies who have found success with these techniques.

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