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Fighting Back Against Writer’s Block

It’s my turn to blog again, but I’ve hit a brick wall.

Writer's Block Error Message PopupWriter’s block.

So I thought, with all the irony that goes with it, that it’d be brilliant to fight my writer’s block by writing a post just about that – combating writer’s block.

It’s a common problem for many people in multiple industries. In SEO, we do a lot of writing – blog posts, coming up with article ideas or writing copy, for example. The more you try to force yourself to write, the more frustrating it gets!

So, rather than stressing out, I took to Google to try and help with overcoming this issue. Here are some great articles I found about overcoming the ever annoying writers block and getting back to writing something awesome:

  1. This section of this article is totally packed with ideas on what to write about on a blog. 17 ideas actually, which are all fantastic. They’ve even written a bit about each idea to help you with it.
  2. Take a look at this article for overcoming writers block, too. There’s ideas there on how to structure your post, maybe helping you to visualise what you’re writing about to make it easier to get going.
  3. Check out this article on “Staring down writer’s block“. I found this really inspirational, and it also contains a little Star Wars reference in the introduction which is always a plus! Read this if you’re struggling with getting motivated and I’m sure you’ll feel revived again soon.Writer's Block Cat

Writer’s block can strike at any time, but it’s so relieving to get through and out the other side. Maybe one or all of those posts will help you overcome it and if you have any hints, tips or know of another article that is also great for those with writer’s block; let me know in the comments.

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