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Over 100 Blog Posts From 2013 That Prove That Link Building Is Alive And Kicking

Article_headSo, another year is over and we are all a little wiser, definitely older, and maybe even a little bit grumpier.

I’m not going to bore you with what has happened with link building over the last year – you’ll have read about it elsewhere (Penguin this, tanked networks that).

Here’s a collection of over one hundred blog posts about link building that are slightly above average 😉 Some are for beginners and some are more advanced – there has been no discrimination. I have categorised them to make life a little easier when you’re browsing – don’t complain if you think they are in the wrong place. My decision is final.

Also, you will notice that I have added some pretty graphs. They don’t mean much, they don’t prove anything, they are not scientific. They just break up what is essentially a big ol’ list of links – ‘cos that is what this is. Grab a cold beverage and enjoy!

*Please note that this doesn’t prove anything. It is merely a title for a post.


Matt Cutts Answers Whether You Should Disavow Links Without a Warning Matt Southern
If Link Building Really Is Dead, What Do We Do Now? Erin Everhart
More Trusted Links vs. More Juicy Links – When & What Do You Need? Rohit Palit
Hummingbird Update, Google Says Goodbye to Keywords and Low Quality Michelle Hummel
How To Spot Bad Links & Deciding Whether To Take Action Mark Johnson
Building High Quality Backlinks with Dofollow Relationship Michael Martinez
Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging – Reading Between the Lines Mark Webster
The Art of Natural Links – Vertical Measures
Link Building At The Speed Of Natural Eric Ward
1200 Outreach Emails Got Me This? Admin
Guest Blogging – Up Your Game Stacy Cavanagh
4 Ways to Get Link Building Into Your Client’s DNA Peter van der Graaf
Backlink Analysis: Bad Links To Look For And Remove Emma North
Sick to Death of Relationship Building Razvan Gavrilas
Five Backlink Metrics To Elude The Dreaded Penguin David Leonhardt
50+ More Things Every Link Builder Should Know Julie Joyce
Blogger Outreach – What Do They Think About SEOs? David Sottimano
Seven Ways To Become A Better Link Builder Weip Knol
101 Lessons From Five Years Of SEO Brian Dean
7 Outsourcing Fundamentals to Master with James Agate James Agate
Link Prospecting With Pivot Tables John-Henry Scherck
Scaling Internal Link Building with Screaming Frog & Majestic John-Henry Scherck
The Link Building Process In GIF Form Chris Dyson
Search Operators For Better Online Marketing Anthony Pensabene
The Inevitable Demise Of Link Building… Or So They Say Jon Cooper
The Imaginary Separation Between Link Building And Content Marketing Matt Gratt
Why Content Marketing Is The Only Link Building That Counts Brafton Editorial
Making Cool Sh!t Isn’t Content Marketing Adria Saracino
Is Negative SEO a Fairly Easy Practice? Eric Ward
Will Google Punish Guest Posting Strategy Due to Unnatural Link Patterns? Eric Ward
How Will Google Hummingbird Impact Links? Here Are 6 Ways Eric Ward
Changing Course In The New Linking World Eric Ward
Is Google Putting Less Emphasis on Links as Part of Their Algorithm? Eric Ward
SEO’s Dilemma – Link Building vs. Content Marketing – Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin
How to Write an Effective Outreach Email [Instructographic] Nick Bernard
How To Build Links The Right Way Spencer Haws
Two, Four or Six? When Persuading, What Numbers of Claims is Most Effective? Steve Martin
How to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Guest Posting) Brian Dean

Which Author Got The Most Links?

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Linking Outside the Box – Free Link Building eBook from BuzzStream Buzzstream – Variety of Authors
Setting Up For Outreach Success Wayne Barker
The $100 Link Building Challenge Matthew Barby
Linking Outside the Box, Free Guide to Creative Link Building Matt Gratt
The Link Building Approach for Time-Strapped People Brian Dean
Link Building Outreach: The Essential Guide Brian Jensen
Link Building: The Definitive Guide Brian Dean
The Data Resources Resource Sean Revell
Link Building Strategies – The Complete List 2013 Redux Jon Cooper
The Ultimate Guide to Scrapebox SEO Jacob King
The Smart SEO’s Guide to Effective Outreach SEER

Which Authors Appear Most Often?

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Interview with Link Building Expert Julie Joyce Chris Dyson
An interview with Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media Sanket Patel
55 SEO Experts Reveal 3 Favourite Link Building Tools Richard Marriott
The Verdict on 10 Common Link Building Tactics (2013) James Agate
Interview with Link Building Book Author Paddy Moogan Nick Eubanks
Tactical Link Building Insights with Jon Cooper and Brian Dean Jason Acidre
Link Building with the Experts 2013 Edition Rae Hoffman
37 Experts Share Their Most Actionable Link Building Tip Venchito Tampon
eCommerce Link Building in 2013 and Beyond: 6 Experts Weigh In Matt Grant
Link Building Lessons – An Interview with @PaddyMoogan Woj Kwasi
Jon Cooper PointBlankSEO Interview – Building Relationships & Long Term Linking Strategy Andrew Hiddleston
Interview with Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media Nick Stamoulis
Link Building Is Not Illegal (or Inherently Bad) with Matt Cutts Eric Enge
The Second Most Creative Link Building Post Ever Jon Cooper
11 SEO Experts Share Actionable Link Building Tips Admin
P1P Link Building Podcast | The Backlink Show Dustin Verburg
9 Must Read Articles On SEO By Brilliant People Amal Rafeeq

Which Post Was The Most Greatest At Performing On The Twitter?

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How to Get Quality Backlinks with Tactical Link Building Campaigns Venchito Tampon
How NOT to Make an Infographic: The Experiments Joe Shervell
How to Create Content and Build Links to Affiliate Sites Venchito Tampon
The $10,000 Paid Content + Paid Linking Test that is 100% Google Safe Wil Reynolds
How to Create and Build Links to Resource Pages Venchito Tampon
How to Find Golden Link Opportunities Brian Dean
The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments On Blogs Darren Rowse
How to Write Better Blog Comments Zac Johnson
eCommerce Link Building Jon Cooper
5 Tactics for Content Creators to Increase Content Consumption Heidi Cohen
Awesome Broken Link Building with Russell Jones
Oh, you’re in local SEO? Do you need citations? We have’em. Joshua Titsworth
3 Ways Competitive Analysis Can Help You Boost Rankings Nathan Safran
How To Get Links By Writing About Other People Julie Joyce
Building Links with Content Refresh Bill Sebald
First Impressions and Link Building Chris Gilchrist
9,800 New Guest Post Ops in 10 Minutes Sean Revell
A Streamlined Process For Link building Matthew Barby
Seasonal Link Building in 6 Steps Julie Joyce
Confessions of a Newsjacker Barrie Moran
Limited-Edition Link Building Strategy Peter van der Graaf
12 Scalable Link-Building Tactics Jason Acidre
Overlooked Link Building Opportunities for Ecommerce Category & Product Pages Jon Cooper
Link Building 101: Utilizing Past and Current Relationships Jon Ball
Creative Link Building Ideas For Really Boring Websites Nate Dame
Link Building Through Outreach and Content Refreshing Bill Sebald
Brand Link Building – URL Misspellings Allison O’Brien
Link Building for Startups – Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale John-Henry Scherck
Competitive Analysis Hack: Find Blogs Linking to Your Competitors John-Henry Scherck
How To Scale Link and Citation Prospecting John-Henry Scherck
Competitive Link Analysis – Outsmarting Your Opponents James Agate
The Skyrocket Guide to Seasonal Link Building Campaigns James Agate
Build Content, Links, & Relationships with Reverse Guest Posting Dana Forman
Egobait: How to Get Links & Exposure in a Variety of Verticals Julie Joyce
Is Link Building Dead? 3 Tips For Link Buildings Post-penguin 2.0 Paul Bruemmer
80/20 Link Building Tactics Jason Acidre
The Ultimate Guide to Phone-Based Outreach for Link Building Stephanie St. Martin
Capitalising on Old Content for Link Building Matthew Barby
Other-Worldly and Alternative Link Building Strategies – Part I Anthony Pensabene
Other-Worldy & Alternative Link Building – Part II Anthony Pensabene
SEO Outreach: Gain a Competitive Edge by Running Display Ads George Fishcer

Which Was The Bestest At Getting Google +1s?

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9 Free Gold Mines for Guest Blogging Opportunities Venchito Tampon
30 Free SEO Tools and How to Use Them for Link Prospecting Venchito Tampon
The 10 Best Link Building Tools of All Time Dustin Verburg
16 Dirty Link Building Tools Every Link Builder Should Have Jacob King
301 Redirect Checker ??

Who Won The Facebook Share War?

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Don’t Forget Kids – Link Building Is Dead 😉


Which Domains Appear The Most?

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Added Bonus: All The Words From The Blog Titles In A Hard To Read And Completely Useless Word Cloud


There you go. Link building isn’t dead. Hopefully this post will help you discover some gems that may have passed you by throughout the year.

If you think that you have some articles that are worthy of inclusion, let me know in the comments and if they pass the very strict Wayne test I will add them.

A few thanks should go out to a few people that helped me compile the list in the final couple of days:

Chris Dyson 

Sean Revell

Tony Dimmock

Giuseppe Pastore

Don Rhoades

Barrie Moran

Wayne Barker

Wayne Barker

Wayne has been at Boom since like forever and specialises in SEO, Content and Outreach. An accidental entry into the world of SEO has left him with little spare time. When not at work or with his family, you can find him amidst a pile of records.View Author posts

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