Boom Welcomes New Digital Marketing Client Manager

Even though we’re heading into Winter, our team is starting to blossom. Boom are very happy to welcome our new Digital Marketing Client Manager, Luke Jordan! Luke now holds the record for Booms quickest ever hire!

Work-PhotoLuke has worked in digital marketing since he left school in 2009. Spending the majority of his time working as an in-house marketer, managing SEO, PPC, social media, product content and more, Luke has also managed his own marketing company for the past six months.

As well as building traffic and sales for a diverse range of websites whilst at work, Luke’s interest in the Internet has led him to create other things for himself that have been successful on a small scale, such as blogs, websites and a YouTube channel with over 6 million views.

“I’ve always been interested in the online world and what attracts me to SEO is how it’s constantly changing – it doesn’t matter how much work you do, your job is still never done. No matter how much you know about it, you’ll never know it all. It’s probably one of the only markets where even things you know are right will at some point be wrong.

The opportunity to come to Boom was too good to turn down as it allows me to move out of my hometown of Tamworth, whilst furthering my knowledge and experience at a company that really seems to be going places.”

Our Director, Ian, said “We’re delighted to have found Luke, who has both experience of running all the digital marketing for a very successful e-commerce site and of working with smaller clients from a range of sectors. His experience and understanding of the industry combined with his willingness to develop new ideas will be a real benefit to our clients.”


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