Hi, I’m Lindsay Ball-McQueen,

Digital Designer

at Boom.

Content Ideation

An important part of my job is using my creativity to generate ideas for content and graphics that will engage clients.


Infographics are an exciting way to represent data in a way that is engaging and influential.


There's nothing better than good illustration. A picture can say a thousand words and it's my job to make sure that message is conveyed in the best way possible.

Web Design

Web design is a discipline in itself, and a good understanding of design principles and user centric design means I am able to translate idea's and improve a clients website without fuss.

About me
My Experience

Whilst qualifying in Industrial Product Design at university, I discovered a love for graphic design and digital design, and on completion of my degree, went back to college for another year to take a multimedia course and brush up on my animation, Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

I have worked in an educational setting teaching, and also designing learning resources related to design.

I’ve been a designer for over 13 years now, working for agencies and as an in-house designer. I’ve worked with a variety of clients and designed everything from large scale graphics, to bespoke sculptures, to motion graphics right down to business cards. Being a part of the design team here at Boom allows me to apply my knowledge to a range of different applications and subjects.

My Interests

I love all things design and colour! Flick through a Pantone book and point to any colour and I can tell you the Pantone reference. Well… it’s usually written right underneath it…

I like finding bargains, especially furniture and will spend hours searching online or trawling charity shops!

My Saturdays are usually spent teaching 7-11 year old kids art and design at a local college, and their creativity and imagination is an eternal source of inspiration in my work here at Boom.

Why I’m Qualified
My Credentials
  • BA Hons Degree Industrial Product Design from Sheffield Hallam University
  • Over 13 years as a Graphic Designer for agencies
  • 4 years as in-house Graphic Designer for an eLearning company
  • Experienced in Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML, CSS & WordPress
  • 10 years teaching an art workshop to 7-11 year olds

Why I’m Qualified
My Expertise
  • Idea Generation
  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Web Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Design
  • Exhibition Design