Hi, I’m Wayne Barker,

Director of Online Marketing

at Boom.


I love discovering things - from crawling your site to unearth technical issues to putting together a strategy that will help your site not only perform better but actually make you more money. I’ll help our team make the difference for your business.

Content Marketing

From ideation to promotion I will oversee all aspects of content marketing. I'll make sure that you have the right balance of content that will attract links and content that will attract visitors in need of your services or products.

Project Management

I will be there to help steer the ship – making sure that your digital marketing managers are on course with budgets and targets. My attention to detail will ensure that Boom squeezes that last drop of juice from your budget.

Link Building

My first love in SEO was link building and that hasn’t changed. We may use more content for link acquisition now but it's still the same underneath. I will use my skills and knowledge to ensure our team get you the best possible ROI from link building activities.

About me
My Experience

I have been working in the digital marketing industry since 2009 – just after my daughter was born and I was made redundant from a different industry. My creative background (Art), a decade of selling on Ebay and a need to discover new and exciting things every day meant that I was particularly suited for SEO. I haven’t looked back since. Very little is known about what I did between 1999 and 2009!


With over half a decade at Boom I have continued to pursue my interest in building traffic and revenue for sites via creative marketing techniques and an attention to detail. This combination delivers results for our clients time after time.

My Interests

As the years have passed I have started to take life a little easier but still have a strong love of music, books and films. Whilst my family ensures that there is little space for reading anymore its almost guaranteed that you can find me at record fairs and car boots trying to find records that I don’t yet own.


Why I’m Qualified
My Credentials
  • 9 years at the coal face of SEO – learning, testing and learning more
  • 7 years leading the team at Boom to greater success
  • A background in Art and a failed degree in Sculpture
  • You will be surprised how much that last one helps!

Why I’m Qualified
My Expertise
  • SEO
  • SEO and Content Audits
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • Project Management