Hi, I’m Philippa Law,

Content Writer

at Boom.

Customer Service

Customer service is such an important part in any business. I respond to emails on a daily basis and I’m checking my inbox hourly. Giving our customers a friendly and efficient service is what I strive for.


I have been given the name of ‘Queen of Organisation’ by the Boom team. I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Creative Thinking

Being a content writer can be difficult when it comes to topics that I know very little about but it's very rewarding when you see the impact that piece of text has had on a site, especially when you've gained a bit of knowledge along the way! Creative thinking is something that I have to do on a daily basis in order to produce quality copy for our clients. Luckily our range of clients is very broad; one day I'm writing hub content for a door company, and the next I'm writing on-page category copy for a law firm.

About me
My Experience

I’ve been with Boom for 6 years now. I was hired in January 2013 as their Administrator and after deciding that SEO wasn’t the path I wanted to go down I stayed in this position for 3 years (organisation is my thing!). Since then, after seeing the full benefits of what SEO can do for a clients site/business, I have dipped my toes into SEO and content writing, and thoroughly enjoyed the process and end-results.

In addition to this, over the past few years I have gained a fair amount of knowledge in marketplaces and have successfully sold a vast amount of products on eBay and Amazon through WordPress sites. This is something that I look forward to continuing with along side my role of Content Writer.

My Interests

To put it simply, in my spare time I like to relax. I like to switch off and do nothing. When it gets to Halloween I like to experiment with Special FX make up (I could sit in front of my mirror buried in makeup for hours!).

I also like to get some time in on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch – the Mario games are by far my fave for the Switch, specifically Mario Karts! I may not always win (I once came last in a high-powered Grand Prix race) but it’s one of the very few games that I don’t get mad at and stop playing, ha.

I have a wonderful little fur-baby called Taz. He’s a Tabby X British Blue and almost looks like a small grey tiger! He has the key characteristics of a typical British Blue; he loves to prance around, play and only wants cuddles in the morning. I’m in love with all types of cats and hope to grow my cat family in the near future. Just call me Crazy Cat Lady!

Why I’m Qualified
My Credentials
  • Customer Service
  • Organisation and Administration
  • Ecommerce Site Management
  • Amazon Listing Management
  • eBay Listing Management
  • WordPress and CMS Management
  • Social Media
  • Content Writing