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Rebekah Conway

Rebekah Conway

SEO Strategist


Playing ‘detective,’ exploring topics and discovering what readers really want to know helps me craft highly effective content that drives KPIs.


Why say ten words when you can say five? Editing posts so the reader gets exactly what they’re looking for without the faff is one of the greatest pleasures of working with content.


My brain is always ticking. While I’m writing, the creative juices start flowing and I find myself writing down numerous potential posts, experiments, reports, strategies and more.

UX Optimisation

What comes after you’ve read a super helpful article? I’m always thinking of what a reader might find helpful next and make sure they can easily get there. 

It also has some nice consequences SEO-wise. 😉

About Me

I have the privilege of being able to make a career out of writing. I love words so much that when I’m not writing for Boom I’m working on my novel or reading contemporary fiction with a splash of fantasy and sci-fi. 

I began my digital marketing career as a content writer at an agency, which is where I was introduced to SEO. I’m the kind of person that likes to learn as much as possible all the time, so I spent a few years transitioning into SEO (local and national), PPC and social media roles to give me as much insight into digital marketing as possible. 

I then returned to what I get the most joy out of – focusing all of my attention and efforts on copywriting.

I believe in sharing knowledge, which is why I’ve spoken at numerous SEO conferences, been a panellist and a guest on an SEO podcast.

Skills & Experience

  • BA Hons in English and Creative Writing
  • LinkedIn Email marketing certification
  • Web Accessibility certification
  • 7+ years digital marketing experience
  • Digital marketing speaker and presenter
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Editing
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