Hi, I’m Jordan Piano,

Digital Marketing Client Manager

at Boom.


I understand the value of us being on the same page; knowing the end goal and what we’re doing to get there. I make sure I communicate with you in a way that we all understand, so you know exactly what we’re doing and why.


Having written countless essays and worked as a copywriter previous to my employment at Boom, you can be sure that anything I write on your behalf will be well written, targeted at the right audience and in the correct tone of voice, and will convey your message clearly.


I’ll do my best to ensure that together we’re successful. I’ll treat your business in the same way as I would treat my own. To do this I will make sure that I am in regular contact with you and our tactics and strategies are laid out for you to see.


Using my communication skills and expertise in outreach I will make sure that the content we make for you gets in the hands of the right journalists and bloggers. I love to get coverage for our clients on some of the biggest websites in the world.

About me
Work Experience

Following University I worked as a copywriter for a leading online garden buildings, furniture, and accessories business. It wasn’t too long before my job role evolved to include content marketing, link building, writing internal marketing materials and managing various social media accounts. Prior to that I worked in retail and customer service throughout my time in higher education. This allowed me to learn how to communicate and interact with various types of customers, how to find solutions for different problems and also developed my communication skills.

My Interests

The forgotten member of Union J, I’m fond of a good salted pistachio nut and enjoy watching Liverpool play football. I like to make people laugh (I’m mostly unsuccessful at this though) and can play five chords on various instruments. If I’m not watching or playing football, you’ll find me on my sofa watching documentaries about sharks and putting off mowing my lawn.

Why I’m Qualified
  • I studied Advertising and Marketing at University.
  • 4 years’ SEO and online content writing experience.
  • Have spent the last few years helping to build a large database of journalist and blogger contacts

Why I’m Qualified
Skills & Expertise
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • Digital PR
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • SEO