Connor Dowling

Connor Dowling

SEO Account Executive

Creative Content

Creativity brings flair to your content; personality and charisma. A piece of writing should always be fresh, combatting new ideas and able to keep your readers on their toes. My Creative Writing MA gives me that edge that other SEO writers may be missing.

Brand Voice

My ability to shift between writing styles and adapt according to branding allows me to create much more versatile copy. You need not worry about stale and oversaturated content. We value originality, afterall.

Keyword Research

Analysing and evaluating exactly what your prospects are searching for, assessing the market, and following trends in the field are key to successful SEO content. My copy is research orientated so that your content exceeds expectations.

About Me

As a creatively-driven individual, I spend most of my time sinking my teeth into songwriting. Being a perfectionist however, means I am not shy to scrap a whole piece of writing if it doesn’t quite meet my standards.

Nottinghamshire born and bred. Happy to teach you any Newark slang but you won’t catch me saying “ey up, me duck”. My teenage years consisted of playing sold out shows, touring the UK and having crowds scream my own lyrics back at me. Now I write sad songs and play with my cat.

I’m an absolute geek for found-footage horror films and Dark Souls.

Other than that you can find me nestled in almost any indie video game, a self development book or most likely in an acoustic bar.

Skills & Experience

  • MA in Creative Writing
  • BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing
  • Content creation
  • Outreach
  • SEO writing
  • Targeted storytelling
  • Proofing and editing
  • 4+ years experience in KPI driven sales
  • Management experience
  • Dad jokes