Adam Dennis

Adam Dennis

Engineering Lead

Web Development

Here at Boom, I lead development on website projects, and I make sure that all of the technology that we put into our builds is cutting edge and of the absolute highest quality.

UX Implementation

One of the most important features of any modern website is its usability – users need to be able to find what they are looking for. One of my key roles here at Boom is to build this functionality into your website.

Website Speed

If your website isn’t responsive, your potential customers won’t stick around. I take it upon myself to get the maximum performance out of every site for all of our clients.

About Me

I have been a practising front and backend development for over 10 years now, starting my professional career as a freelance WordPress developer in 2010.

I joined Boom in late 2015 as part of the in-house development team, and now focus mainly on backend systems development, as well as R&D.

In my spare time I produce my own music, ranging from Indie to Metal, and all the way into the realms of Synthwave. I also play Bass, Guitar and enough keys to see me through.

I’m an avid PC gamer, and enjoy system building and overclocking a lot.

Skills & Experience

  • 10 years experience in Development
  • WordPress Theme Developer
  • WordPress Plugin Developer
  • Linux Sysadmin (Ubuntu, RHEL)
  • HTML 5
  • PHP 7
  • Javascript ES6
  • SQL
  • Python